Tax de3 it’s good [Bard Advice Ep. 4]

By Koffi Adu Flair
Tax de3 its good Bard Advice Ep. 4
16.02.2022 LISTEN

Who in this world does not want a partner whose beauty can cause the world to be in a standstill? A beau who makes the moon jealous every night, a six packs guy with height that mesmerize ladies and make them go gaga. Who in this world would not want a well to do spouse? Someone who is not perturbed by your needs, all you need to do is to order and you will be sorted out. Are these not the reasons we strive to achieve perfect body, do odd jobs and make decisions that sometimes we regret later, just to secure a beautiful or a wealthy partner?

It is not bad to have a girlfriend with a coca cola shape, an appealing face and tax that cannot be watched once behind her or to have a man who will be the superman to save you from your financial turmoil, the glue to stick you together when you are broke. But, in truth physical appearance, social status, qualifications and affluence should not be the basis for choosing love or someone you want to spend forever with, because till death do us apart is long enough to spend with someone who gives you all the things you want and not the things you need. Abusua, the truth is we get married to someone’s consciousness, mentality and the sum totality of their being (humanity) and not their physical appearance, money, status or any other material possession. What good does it do you when you are given all the physical and material wants but your emotional needs are swept under the carpet of indifference? Those experienced in relationship issues will always tell you that sometimes just sometimes, physical and material possessions are not enough in relationships but, a good partner would always be your safest ship in the turbulent sea of life. If material possessions were all that is needed for a successful relationship or marriage then I guess billionaires and affluent people would never taste the acidity of divorce, physical appearance is just an accessory to relationships and material possessions are to make relationships comfortable.

There are many in abusive relationships that every day of their lives they pray for a miracle to save them but, there are some demons that can only be exorcised when the one possessed gives them up lest angels cannot eject them from their abode. we all fall in love because of our selfish desires and besides, I am not against riches in relationships or marriages but, all I am preaching on this pulpit today is consider the kind of person you are heads over heels in love with and do not see what is in for you in material terms but lookout for what is ahead of you emotionally, because mental health is real. Would you rather be publicly praised for your choice (physical appearance) of partner and live in an abusive relationship behind closed doors? Remember that “aboa no didi k) babiara n’aso mu b3 dwo no” (the beast grazes at the place it finds peace).

3to) de3 3y3, that is what we build our nation with even the church collect some form tax from members, but, know that pretty face, perfect body, nice tax and other components of beauty do not guarantee a good girlfriend/wife in the same way affluence and six packs do not pay bills and does not guarantee a considerate husband or boyfriend.

By: Koffi Adu Flair (President Baad Advice Inc.)