People must Embrace the new change in Wedding Ceremonies - Irene Nartey, shares 5 tips for Couples this love season

People must Embrace the new change in Wedding Ceremonies - Irene Nartey, shares 5 tips for Couples this love season
14.02.2022 LISTEN

We all know that weddings have grown to be more than just a union between two people in love, into a day set aside for good memories, family unity, social networking and fulfilling childhood dreams.

In a conversation with Miss Irene Nartey on the new wave of weddings and what young couples must do, the CEO of Africa Wedding Makers Awards, could not hide her joy when we asked.

“Wedding is a sacred moment and therefore must be treated as such. In the past years, many use to just settle for a traditional marriage with little or no color at all but for some years now, there has been a new wave of freshness as professionals are giving lot of attention to details – She noted.

Miss Irene Nartey went on to say that the transformation from just a normal sit around has become an event where color meets trendy fashion and good music.

For young couples who want to settle down this love season, Irene mentioned that it is important to start the long life journey the right way;

She educated:

There are so many professionals available at your disposal to make sure you memories are built right, contact the right pros.

Also, make it a point to try something new in your costuming especially the grooms. For some time now ladies try new things during marriages. We have seen a lot of changes in bridal wears and it compliment the occasion beautifully which means the men should also be spontaneous.

Adding to her education, Miss Irene, teaches that music, master of ceremony, food and fashion plays an important role in the memories that will be captured. So for couples getting ready this love season, work with the best.

In her final comment, Miss Irene said, couple must prep their groom’s men and bride’s maids to get some dancing lessons. A choreographer to teach a few steps and dance moves will go a long way to spice up the wedding and make it more memorable.

We should always remember that we film our weddings to relive special moments therefore attention to details and creating lasting memories must always be in the first two things to check off the list.

According to the CEO of Africa Wedding Makers awards, Miss Irene, if young couples try these tips this love season and beyond, beautiful wedding experience awaits them.