Happy New Year, ma wo ho to wo ( be satisfied)

Lifestyle Happy New Year, ma wo ho to wo  be satisfied
JAN 3, 2022 LISTEN

Happy New Year
Life loves it's lover.
Live free
2020 and 2021 have been dark years. Hopefully this year is a little easier. Life is unpredictable as we have all seen.

So this year let go of what other people think and stop letting it run your life. Live for you, we came into this world just to live our life fully. Let go of the worlds expectations, people's expectations, performing like you are in the circus for gossipers and people who can't mind their own business. People will judge you but your happiness is the most important thing. So let them thoroughly enjoy discussing you as a topic, while you blissfully fully live your life. I'll never kill myself for people again. We only live once. So this year do what will make you happy.

Stop worrying about everything. Go for the live you want without fear and if it doesn't work out go on to the next thing. You have nothing to lose. We only have one life. For example I'm a Christian so this year I've decided to put God first and let go and let God. Stop worrying and have faith God will work it out. Whatever you believe in, trust that it will bring you through. If it's just yourself you better believe in you and walk forward without fear.

There's a saying we are already drunk we won't wait for a celebration in Ghana. Don't wait for anything to happen before you are drunk with joy, do things that set your soul on fire. Of course not everyday will be joyful or fun, but try to set aside time for things you enjoy and yourself each day, because you deserve it and try to do things that bring joy, no matter what's going on. Life is fleeting as we have learned these past two years. Our purpose is to live fully as ourselves.

Ultimately let this be year you decide to be brave, live authentically, say what's on your mind, be bold and live for and defend yourself. Go for what you want, get rid and quit anything that's not what you want. After all life is already hard enough without willingly commiting to miserable. Be brave enough to break ties with what's hurting you.

Let go of the past you can't change, bitterness, anger, unforgiveness, I know it's hard I loved clinging unto those things but I realised it was adding to my misery and inability to live in the present and was a handicap to my dreams and goals. So on the first day of this year. I made a conscious decision to let go and allow God, the present and the future to show me they could be better than the past. Of course carrying every lesson learned that makes me a better person.

I choose peace, I choose joy, I choose happiness, kindness and love. I choose courage over fear and I choose live fully, because I deserve to enjoy my life and you do to. It's your life, now or never, you won't live forever, might as well live while your alive. My Grandma is so scared of death even though she is in her late 80's. She believes in God but she told me.

Nobody has ever come back from the dead all the days she has lived. As least on Earth you have a routine, you know what is here. Once you're gone you are stepping into the unknown and no one knows what is there. In other words, what we know for sure is Earth and you may as well enjoy your time on it. She has lived fully, really enjoyed and continues to enjoy her life regardless of it's challenges. She is one of the bravest women I know.

Let's also learn to do better. Let's seek to improve ourselves. Let's mind our own business and allow people to live their own lives, as long as it doesn't hurt others. We live in a big world full of different races, believes, sexualities, and preferences. Let's learn to coexist in peace and harmony. Having love and respect for each other.

Loving your neighbour as yourself is a great way to truly live fully. Not harbouring hate in your heart or thinking it's your lives purpose to condemn others. It sure is lonely living up in a tower of judgement thinking you are seeing what's wrong with everybody else and wasting your life finding ways to correct it, because you are uncomfortable with yourself and feel inadequate.

So firstly love yourself. This is an incredibly hard journey, that I'm embarking on. Yet if you don't love yourself you cannot live freely or fully or live the life you want or think you deserve it. I also add love God to my list because of my believes, so whatever you believe add that love to your list, love life too, but make sure while you do you are loving yourself and others, otherwise that love will lead you in the wrong place.

Akosua Tuntum Nahana
Akosua Tuntum Nahana

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