20.10.2021 People & Places

Women making waves: A walk with Beatrice Obeyaa Karikari

By Bright Philip Donkor
Women making waves: A walk with Beatrice Obeyaa Karikari
20.10.2021 LISTEN

Many women are doing very well for themselves in their fields of endeavour with many of them breaking the glass ceiling with their achievements.

Indeed, the saying that ‘what men can do, women can do better’ has become more relevant in this age and one such woman who is blazing the trail in the beauty and wellness industry is Beatrice Obeyaa Karikari, Owner-Spa Director, Glowbank Gh. She’s also the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Beava Kreationz. She doubles as SSNIT Official.

If grace, class and serenity were a person, she would wear that crown. Beatrice established Glowbank Gh Spa in 2020 at Community 18 Motorway, 18th Junction Abattoir, Accra. She established Beava Kreationz in 2017 and started working in SSNIT in 2006. Speaking on her motivation for opening a spa at a time when spa was so popular, she said, “I have always been fascinated with beauty and wellness and what better way to show that than to be of help to other people, to make sure that you bring the best in them.

“To have a place that people come to and disconnect from the pressures of life and reconnect with themselves. I established it because I saw it as a place where people come and reconnect with themselves.

“Glowbank Gh Spa was born out of love, understanding and a passion for wellness. The spa is committed to delivering all aspects of wellness and beauty services with grace, love and honesty providing an inspiration for a lifestyle change,’’ she explained

In an atmosphere that delights all the senses, one is transported to a different place in time. The objective here is for our guests to be still and reconnect with their inner being. Glowbank Gh spa is a safe haven for contemplation, comfort and discovery.”

According to Beatrice, the Spa is doing very well and she is most grateful. Some of the services provided at Glowbank Gh Spa are Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Head Massage, Executive Men’s Facial, Detox Facial, Hyper-pigmentation, Facial Acne Facial Treatment and Deep Cleansing Facial.

Others are Champagne Pedicure, Jelly Pedicure, Skin Brushing, Vaginal Steaming, Butt Facials among others.

Perhaps Beatrice was really meant to be in the beauty and wellness industry because in the early years of her life she had a dream of such nature to realise. “I keep saying that my childhood dream was a defining moment for me because in a way it made me who I am. You are taken through a lot of grooming that prepares you for adulthood life so I would say that my childhood did a lot for me.”

Giving some basic tips of how to care for the hair, skin and nails, this is what Beatrice had to say, “I would say that sleep a lot because our bodies are revived when we sleep, there is restoration when we sleep.

Again, drink a lot of water; another good tip is having massages, massage is a good way to help you with proper blood circulation, it helps you sleep better and it makes you more balanced as a human being”.

Beatrice has a great sense of fashion so I asked her what her secret is. She was very flattered by this question and she indicated that, - ‘‘I always say that my mind is as beautiful as the way I look. I think that once you have a good mind, you attract good things so if I dress well, if I put myself together well, I believe that I am also inviting everything good to come my way,” she added.

Beatrice Obeyaa Karikari is an old student of Asley’s Business College. She is a graduate of the University of Cape Coast where she majored in MBA Marketing. She is a graduate of the Methodist University College Ghana.

While growing up, Beatrice always dreamt of making an impact in the beauty industry. She has received numerous grooming, image enhancement and etiquette education. She has a wealth of valuable experience in beauty, wellness and entertainment. She is a determined woman who is willing to work hard for what she wants.

Sharing her hobbies, she disclosed that, “I travel a lot, my hobby is travelling and I am also a reader. I read a lot and I also love writing. Everybody who knows me knows that I can’t stay at one place for long’’.

Getting a little closer to her, one would notice her calm persona and she explained that she is able to find peace even when external factors are challenging.

Beatrice had a word or two for young people striving to be successful. “What I will say is that we should be true to ourselves, just be true to yourselves and the people around you. Not everything you see on social media is real thread cautiously. Young people should embrace service, determination and patience. These are time tested values that have seen many grow and blossom into men and women of valor.

“I follow the golden rule; I choose good over evil so what I don’t want somebody to do to me I don’t do it to another person. I live on the principle of love and my idea of God is totally different from others, I think that I can go to God through my own eyes, through myself I talk to God. ‘‘People should have their own unique relationship with God and also do unto others what they want others to do to them,” she concluded.

The author, Bright Philip Donkor is passionate about women challenging the status quo and contributing to Ghana’s development in more ways than one.