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Fela Fagbure’s giant strides

By Ameyaw Debrah -
Fela Fagbure’s giant strides
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Canada-based Nigerian model, Fela Fagbure is certainly more than just another promising model from Africa. With an astute sense of entrepreneurship, Fela is set to take the world of fashion and glamour by storm.

Fela started modeling at the age of 15-16, at a time when the industry was still growing. However, driven by his love for everything art/photography, he stayed in it and blossomed to a stage where he can compete with any international male model.

He is so far show strength in the areas of Glamour modeling, Fashion editorial modeling, Fashion catalog modeling, Fashion bathing suit modeling, Fashion fitness modeling, Fashion fit modeling, Commercial lifestyle modeling and Commercial corporate modeling; working with amazing photographers for magazines shoots and adverts.

According to Fela, who is currently studying Arts and Design at the University of Alberta, Edmonton, he is inspired a lot by Tyson Beckford, to do what he does. But says his business sense is inspired by his mother. “She's a successful business guru for over 25 years now. She inspires and motivates me as well”. Perhaps it is this driving force that has seen him team up with his twin brother, Fola to create the vintage Alex Folzi brand.

I caught up with Fela to find out more about the business side to him, his journey in the world of fashion, his future plans and aspirations.

Ameyaw Debrah: What else do you do aside modeling?
I consider my self as a young entrepreneur, I own a clothing line with my twin brother called Alex Folzi and in the nearest feature we would be opening more businesses both locally and internationally.

Ameyaw Debrah:What is the inspiration behind Alex Folzi?

Alex Folzi is an elegant brand inspired by vintage looks, and the iconic design styles of the army, air force, navy, sailors and in general the Northern American/European couture. It was established 2010. Our styles allow for the uniqueness of individuals who seek to express themselves through fashion. We do all sort of designs, ranging from shoes, luggage, accessories and clothes. Our summer collection of the vintage luggage consisting of brief cases and trunks comes out June 30th. Due to some reasons, the other products have been delayed till further notice.

Ameyaw Debrah: Do you have any other ambitions, say acting?

I would love to go into producing and directing sometime soon, be it music or film, I released a short video few months back and I am currently working on more now.

Ameyaw Debrah: What was the title of the short video and what was it about?

The troubled past of the Nigerian rebel. It was about how a young Nigerian male that was having difficulties with his past over the years. Sometimes our troubled past seems to hold us down, it hunts and torments us as days goes by. Sleepless nights and restless days are all we have left. But one thing we so not realize is we have the power to make a change all we just need to do is to make that decision. “Let it go” I felt this was a really powerful short video and it really meant a lot to me.

Ameyaw Debrah: What have been some of the challenges for you?

School! It's pretty tough doing all this and going to school at the same time. My previous school year wasn't that smooth for me as I expected. But school is the most important thing so I have to get it done ASAP

Ameyaw Debrah:Does having a popular name like Fela make it easy for you to have jobs?

Oh everyone loves Fela. Well mostly Africans who knew him and listen to his music while he was alive. So I get a way of getting things. But I must say my personality adds to it though.

Ameyaw Debrah: What's the fiercest or wildest photo shoot or job you ever did?

Wearing female make up (laughs out loud). I was kind of tense before the shot though. But at the end of the day it came out looking good.

Ameyaw Debrah:How comfortable are you in front of the camera and what has been the transition like since you started modeling?

I have always been an open person, especially in front of the camera. I consider it as a passion, so I just go and give it my best. Nude or not!

Ameyaw Debrah: What a routine day for you like?
I work all day and sometimes at night. For the past few weeks I sleep at most 6 hours at night, because I have been busy lately. As an entrepreneur I have to make sure everything is in place and try to get my hands on as much research I as I can.

Ameyaw Debrah: What is your training regiment like?

I work out 2- 3 hours 4 times a week or at least 1 and a half hour 3 times a week. Be it cardio or weight lifting.

Ameyaw Debrah: Do you have any special diets or habits to stay in shape?

Not exactly, I just avoid eating junk foods and eat healthy. For me, that's the best diet I would suggest for any one

Ameyaw Debrah: What impact do social networks have on your job? Do you get jobs through that?

Social networking is one of the best ways to get your self out there. People don't just make good use of it. I consider it as another way of advertising. As an entrepreneur I maximize any opportunity I have to the fullest.

Ameyaw Debrah: What's the weirdest thing a fan ever told you on these platforms?

I want you because you look good, getting famous and you have a nice body as well. I was like umm ok, thank you.

Ameyaw Debrah: Who are your favourite fashion designers ?

Alexander Amosu because we have so much in common. He's an entrepreneur and owns a clothing line as well. Ohema Ohene because his collections are amazing.

Alexander McQueen, he always provoked emotional reactions. The collections are just too fresh. And also, Ralph Lauren.

Ameyaw Debrah:What are the trendiest fashion accessories of the moment for you?

Club Monaco, Paul Smith, Marc Ecko, Prada and J. Crew

Ameyaw Debrah: What's your favourite Nigerian food
Suya! That's all I crave for all day, no matter were I'm in the world.

Ameyaw Debrah: How often do you visit Nigeria?
I was born in Nigeria but I haven't been down there for 2 years now. I try my possible best to go visiting every Christmas break though. I'm looking forward to go back anytime soon to visit. I miss my spicy food especially Suya!

Ameyaw Debrah: What do you hope to achieve with your career?

As much as I can but my main aim is that front cover of GQ magazine and I see that coming anytime soon.

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