Love is never unconditional; not even with God – Uncle Ebo Whyte

Love & Relationships Love is never unconditional; not even with God – Uncle Ebo Whyte
SEP 18, 2021 LISTEN

Uncle Ebo Whyte reveals that no relationship is devoid of conditions. And once those conditions are not met, the relationship may not last and eventually come to an end.

Speaking as a guest on the TV3 NewDay show, Uncle Ebo Whyte said that people who say that love is unconditional are lying to themselves. Because everyone has expectations which they require that their partners fulfil.

“Love can never be unconditional. Unconditional love does not exist even with God. So if even with God, I have to know why God loves me, and I have to play up my role in being sincere in my worship of him, Why do you think I will love you when you don’t care?

And because of that, as soon a relationship goes from courting to marriage, one part is treated like dirt. Because you don’t realise that the reason you are in my life is that I have expectations.”

He further explains using his family as an example. He discloses that his marriage is still complete despite the absence of children. He pointed out children are not the backbone of marriages as people have different expectations from the union.

“My wife and I do not have biological children. We have been married for 38 years. There is something else holding us together, not the children because we didn’t marry for children. Marriage is complete with or without children. My point is if I cease being the friend of Florence (his wife). If I cease being there for her, if I cease being a listening ear for her, if I cease being a spiritual rock on which she can lean, I have compromised the foundation of that relationship. Whether we still remain together or not is another matter, but the relationship cannot be the same.

Uncle Ebo Whyte also advised people to first love themselves before entering into a relationship. He said you must set boundaries and expectations or be ready to be treated the way they think you want to be treated.


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