The Alabo-Moffet Foundation holds debut solo art exhibition for Artist Sheila Fuseini

  Sun, 01 Aug 2021
News & Events The Alabo-Moffet Foundation  holds debut solo art exhibition  for Artist Sheila Fuseini

The art exhibition entitled “Journey to Self” by Sheila Fuseini, was held on Wednesday, the 28th of July, 2021, at Bôndai Restaurant & Bar’s Secret Garden, in Accra. The Alabo-Moffet Foundation sponsored the event which saw a lineup of star guests such as Designer Bee Arthur, former Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member, Tanya Sam, Ghanaian musician, Efya, digital artist Awo Tsegah, amongst many others.

The art pieces, curated by Mrs. Farida Alabo-Moffet, were a combination of abstract acrylic paintings and leather collages. These embody the artist’s journey to self-discovery. According to Sheila Fuseini: “All of my pieces of art presented here, with the foundation’s help, are showing various emotional stages of my life. Being a shy person, I have struggled to be heard and seen. Some of these emotions are self-doubt, uncertainty which transformed into courage and decision-making, resulting in growth and self-belief. I hope you can see them in my work.” Through her art, she wants to tell people that a person is more than they appear. Being a shy person herself, people assume she doesn’t have much to say. Thus, she chose to use her art as a medium to express the other sides of herself that aren’t visible.

The Alabo-Moffet Foundation, founded in 2021, continues to deliver on its promise to help artists find their own voice and style, despite the chaotic world we live in and their own daily struggles. One of the ways the foundation helps support young artists is by funding and curating exhibitions. They work with artists who are interested in giving back to society. Proceeds from every art show go to a charitable organization chosen by the foundation and the artist. The foundation also believes in the power of art and using it as a tool to help people in less privileged positions, not only through donations of art supplies but also workshops and recreation therapy. This provides psychological support, offers creative outlets for self-expression and gives the less fortunate a different way of viewing the world.

The art pieces will be on display at the Bôndai Restaurant & Bar, in Osu, Accra, and will be available for private viewings from now till the end of August, 2021.

Bee Arthur And Koffi BoakyeBee Arthur And Koffi Boakye

Farida Alabo And Tanya SamFarida Alabo And Tanya Sam

Awo TsegahAwo Tsegah

Farida Alabo-moffet And George MoffetFarida Alabo-moffet And George Moffet

Koffi Boakye And Denzel OseiKoffi Boakye And Denzel Osei

Sheila Fuseini And GuestSheila Fuseini And Guest

Sheila Fuseini And GuestsSheila Fuseini And Guests

Sheila Fuseini ArtSheila Fuseini Art

Sheila FuseiniSheila Fuseini