Review of the best burger in Accra & Health benefit of eating burger

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MAY 25, 2021 LISTEN

Most people have it at the back of their mind that eating burger will make them gain weight and also, it’s not part of the healthy categories of food one must eat on a regular day.

However, in some part of the world, burger serves as a main food which makes them to patronize it on a regular basis especially for those who don’t have much time to sit and eat a whole meal at a restaurant.

Although, burger is part of the junks of food in the food train, having a bite once in a blue moon, won’t cause any havoc to your system. Despite, burger having a bad reputation in the eyes and ears of people, it has some health benefits that will flabbergast you.

For instance, burger contains, component called conjugated linoleic acid, which fights against cancer in some studies. Protein is an essential compound in your body which aid you to be active and productive therefore there are some ingredients in the burger which has healthy proteins therefore making you to build strong muscles. I

In addition, burgers contain vitamins which are mostly from the family of B vitamins. B vitamins helps your body in creating red blood cells. The last health benefits you can receive when you eat burger is minerals. Minerals depends on the ingredients used in making the burger.

So, I hope this article has changed your perception about burgers. However, if you wish to eat burger now, I will share with you a personal review on the best burgers have taken so far in my city.

The first best burger joint is Vida café which can be located at the vital parts of Accra but can found at most in Malls. However, research has shown that the best country that have delicious burgers is Germany but trust me you can still experience the delicious taste of burgers in Ghana by visiting Vida Café.

Another, place to enjoy a good burger will be Burger King. Their burgers are affordable and made with love.

The last reviewed burger joint is Carbo Corso and I tried their burger when I travelled to Takoradi and visited the Taadi mall. Meanwhile, I tried the one at the Accra mall and it wasn’t bad at all.

So, don’t hesitate to give it a try and come back here to thank me later.

Kindly, watch the video below: