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A Perfectionist's Plight

By Aniré Okene
A Perfectionist's Plight
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Perfection is grandeur, and sometimes an illusion that misleads. But one thing is certain, perfection is slightly overrated when obsessed over. For you to find the perfect partner, you, yourself must first be perfect (and I mean that in every sense of the word).

How do you define perfection? Are there flaws in your definition of perfection? Or are there holes in your idea of what a perfect partner should look like and be (in terms of character and behaviour)?

What's the essence of growth if we strive for a partner who doesn't need to grow? Because in reality, perfection is the highest level of excellence. Meaning, by design, the perfect partner has done all the growing he or she needs to do before you meet them. Because the truth is, as sweet as the idea of the ideology behind perfection may sound, it takes away the fundamental purpose of being in a relationship; which is, to grow together in love, peace, and harmony.

Let's be honest, no one's perfect, and perfection is relative to each individual. So how about we take a chill pill and learn to appreciate people for who they truly are - flaws 'n all.

- With Love, From Love.

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