Passion Fruit

By The Writing Tribe
Passion Fruit
29.03.2021 LISTEN

True love is a fruit of our born-again spirit in Christ. You can't know true love if you haven't experienced the love of Jesus. Nothing supersedes this! Growing in the knowledge of Jesus, helps us grow in love.

We grow by studying GOD's word every day, fellowshipping with believers who are rooted in the accurate doctrine of the gospel, and by developing a healthy relationship with JESUS.

Love is pure. No matter how many times we profess our love to be unconditionally selfless, it's always going to be limited if we haven't experienced the love Jesus teaches. Love is endearing. It's honest & kind. Love is a reflection of our true nature, and if that nature isn't birthed in Christ, then our love is corrupt & full of flaws.

Love is true, and the truth is, without Jesus, love is fruitless. I'm passionate about love because I'm passionate about Christ. And that's why I teach people how to love, just as Christ loves. Love is simple. Love is unique. And even when life throws obstacles our way, love is strong enough to see us through each and every storm.

Love is beautiful & precious, and I daresay that love is passion fruit.

- With Love, From Love.