360 Connect With Ablerdu Samuela Nakwor CEO Of Ella Cadie Jewelry

By Stephen Nana Asare
Personality Profiles Ablerdu Samuela Nakwor CEO Of Ella Cadie Jewelry
MAR 23, 2021 LISTEN
Ablerdu Samuela Nakwor CEO Of Ella Cadie Jewelry

In many ways, launching a startup is a risky venture. A huge percent of small businesses survive two years, but there is a slim chance that these businesses will last even five years. It’s estimated that only 20 percent of small businesses make it to five years.

Reasons for small business failure are many. Sometimes entrepreneurs simply get it wrong – they start the wrong business for their area, fail to connect with buyers or offer a truly inferior product and service. Other times, the math doesn’t work out: there isn’t enough of a cash cushion, loans dry up, and profits do not come in as anticipated.

The adage “People don’t plan to fail – they fail to plan” is entirely true in this case. This “Small Business Startup Guide” is designed to give you a comprehensive overview of all the steps you’ll need to take to thoughtfully plan your first five years – and beyond.

That said, today on 360 connect we dive into the life of Ablerdu Samuela Nakwor, a multi-tasked businesswoman with a BSc Degree In Accounting obtained At Valley View University.

At age 31, Ms. Ablerdu who dropped her pen as a corporate banker to start her line of businesses shares her adventurous business escapades with us.

Why business?

I love to sell right from childhood, I would buy a tin of Cerelac and sell in bits to my classmates and make profits, I would sneak and follow my friends who sold foodstuffs door to door because it excited me. I was a corporate banker but I quit to start my own business because I always felt that I could do more, I love adventure and business is one adventurous road because you never know what will happen but is that journey to the unknown and possibilities that excites me. In short, I love business, which is something God put in me.

What motivates you as an entrepreneur?

I want to leave a mark, I want to leave a legacy, I want my business Ella Cadie to be a global name, not a brand only in ghana but an international brand. And this dream is what motivates me, what keeps me going.

Which year did you commence your first line of business? And the name of your business/businesses?

I started my first business Ella Cadie, a jewelry shop in December 2015. Right now I would say is a household name when it comes to jewelry and watches.

I have expanded and we introducing other brands NAUGHTYCADIE which is a lingerie line, ELLA CADIE LUXURY which deals in luxury authentic products sourced from Switzerland, God willing our new shop, which will outdoor these brands is almost completed.

CADIE’ SWISS FOODS also deals in authentic rice, oils, and other household needs from Switzerland.

I also have a cleaning company, ROSERY CLEANING company which deals in household and industrial cleaning.

Share with me your experiences as an entrepreneur or a businesswoman? (Positive & Negative experiences venturing into the business)

I would say my positives outweigh my negatives because right from the onset of business I had a firm positive outlook that my business was going to be a success.

Being a woman entrepreneur I would say financial independence, getting to do what I love, and knowing that I have limitless possibilities because of the path I have chosen for myself are some of the positive experiences.

On the negative side, some people always underestimate my capabilities, sometimes when I speak of my ambitions they find it hard to believe. But my uncle who is my mentor thought me right from the beginning of my business to always think like a man who has a family to feed and I will always push myself harder.

What's your take on Women empowerment and your contribution to empowering women entrepreneurs?

I think every woman should be empowered and one way to be empowered is to work and be financially independent. it saves women from a lot of unnecessary relationships and situations, it gives them a sense of purpose and confidence knowing they are in charge of their affairs.

My contribution to help in women's empowerment especially women entrepreneurs is, I have set up my page which is @ms_cadie on Instagram where I post entrepreneurship content and videos. I record myself to teach and encourage young women that it's possible because I believe in empowering women.

Who do you look up to as an entrepreneur or a business mogul?

I would say locally i look up to my uncle (MR OMANE GYAMFI) who is a big-time businessman and has dominated most of the Makola market share with different businesses.

Internationally I look up to DANA CHANEL who at 25 is a multi-millionaire and is helping so many women get motivated with her countless businesses like a sprinkle of Jesus, curl Bible, etc I relate to her because of her life story and how God shaped her vision and what she is doing currently with her life resonates a lot with me.

Your advice to young ones who aspire to become great entrepreneurs like yourself?.

I would say, don’t give up, if you give up you will never get to tell your story. There is always a cause and effect theory in sales, if something is not working, find out why, instead of just throwing in the towel.

Lastly, as I always say, keep pushing and I will see you at the top.

Believing in your dream and following your passion is what takes you places, to draw the curtain down on this amazing chit chat with Ms. Ablerdu also known as Ella Cadie, I will entreat us to follow her on all social media platforms.