The Power of Magick at it's Best!

By Melanie L. Miller
The Power of Magick at it's Best!
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Magick is a wonderful thing; you can cast any kind of magick your heart desires. I have cast hex spells in the past, and lovers spells, protection spells, and now I am casting healing spells. I cast a spell for my uncle to be healed and next day his fever went away.

I cast a money spell for a special friend and she found 40 dollars two days later! How's that magick for you?

Strangers and family have asked me to cast free spells for them. Right now, I am working on casting a dream spell, as this woman's boyfriend has been having nightmares, so I am going to make it to where he has good dreams instead of night mares. At first my dream spell worked but now the nightmares are back again.

I can recast them and see if the good dreams occur and all the pain he has been experiencing in his right shoulder. I feel I cast an excellent healing spell for him.

The woman is supposed to mail me his photo and something old he worn long ago or something unwashed and will make the spell much more effective. I can always return pictures and clothing at the costumer's request.

I have always been into magick, dark, white, and gray kind and find all magick great to cast, especially the Good kind...but if someone harms me or crosses me and is a mean tempered and spiteful person, then by all means, I would cast a nasty spell on this person(s). If you wish to cast a hex em' spell on another be very sure they did something wrong to you, in the first place, so the hex or jinx or voodoo spell won't come back on you three fold!

There are all kind of fascinating spells to cast. For instance, money spells, job or career spells; find a new lover or boyfriend spells, keep our love alive spells and this can work for the marriage spells as well.

All in all, if you or a friend you know wish to cast spells together, you may. I write about magick all the time and will be sending off some additional articles I have written soon.

I cast spells for my poems and stories to be published and within a few months they were in a book. I have the power of magick to thank for this.

You too can be a great spell caster and cast all types of spells! If you wish to cast some for yourself, you may wish to invest in a pentacle necklace and wear it during all spells, plus order or purchase some candles, preferably, the taller ones, as they will last longer.

Write your true desires down on paper and lay them on an altar, or table or anything you wish to use, such as your desk and thank the gods and or goddesses after all magick has been cast.

One of the goddesses I use is Isis . I have cast rain spells and the spell magick worked very well indeed...and sometimes I simply just cast good spells for to be in a happy mood, if I feel down and blue.

Friends always call me for spells, and most of the time I cast the spells for them without any form of payment.

Yes..magick can be fun and exciting to cast and one should always make sure they want their spell to work for them.

If you're not thinking positive and thinking negative, the spell may not work well for you. But..if you're thinking in a good fashion or way, then the spell will work better for you.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my article. Any time you need a spell cast, just read a spell book, as you can order them off the Net or go to a library and it won't cost you a single dime and copy the pages or jot down a few spells and try them by a lake or river or just in the privacy in your own home.

Have fun casting your magick and have a good time reading about the power of will help you learn more about magick and just relax when casting all spells, as this is the main key to casting any and all spells. If one is nervous, the spell may not be very effective.

Well I have come to the end of my last thing I wish to say to all of you…make sure that after you cast spells, extinguish all of your candles and put them away in a special place, like a shoe box and place under your bed or in a closet or someplace you feel they will be safe. Be careful what you wish for too, in all magick you cast.

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