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By Rutendo Mtisi 
Opinion My version of life
JAN 8, 2021 LISTEN

I have realized that life is like an exam, you see before putting the pen on the paper each and every one of the students has the potential to score a hundred percent. The moment when you start to write the exam making decisions the potential to score all marks start to deduce.

Also like a football match, before the kick-off, the score is always a zero for both sides. The way in which the team plays the game will determine if they end up winning or losing the match.

The point l am trying to make is that when a child is born whether in a rich or poor family they all have a game to play. I have realized how people use the phrase "from zero to hero and from hero to zero" they constantly repeat and it seems as if it is the fate of each and every poor person to end up rich and a rich person to do the opposite. In the end, some rich children feel bad for nobody expects anything more from them rather than enjoying their riches.

In my own perception of reality, everyone is born equal and with a game to play. Rich or poor all of us have the opportunity to leave a legacy behind and our passion, hard work and persistence determine that. If born rich your fight is to write a new story, earn your own riches, build your own legacy, and even try to reach heights that your parents didn't manage to reach.

If you are poor don't just sit down and expect people to feel bad for you stand up and prove to everyone that you are more than what your parents did, work hard and attain all the privileges which you yearn for. Life is fair but the way you play the game will determine what the end result will bring. Never allow history to write your story but use it to learn about the mistakes which were done and therefore try and improve from it.

Rutendo Mtisi is a student and speechwriter from Zimbabwe. Her main passion is to tell the story of Africa through speech writing.

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