My unsaid truth

By Aniré Okene
Touch Of Thoughts My unsaid truth
DEC 28, 2020 LISTEN

Never hide who you are. That's the ONLY way relationships work. Relationships are built on honesty and it's only natural to show off your best sides. But what about your flaws? What about your inconsistencies and frailties?

I'll admit, I was one to think too highly of myself. I thought I was slow to anger and would never-ever raise my voice at my lover. Boy, was I wrong! And boy did I mess up real bad in 2020 😔.

No matter how much we try to 'package' our emotional and character flaws, owning up to our imperfections actually helps us grow to become better humans. Mistakes don't shape us or our relationships. However, how we respond to correcting those personality flaws do.

You don't need to reduce your quality to maintain stability.

- With Love, From Love.

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