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Love, just like a River

By Aniré Okene
Love, just like a River
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With a heart cascading effortlessly with love, there really shouldn't be anything amiss in our feelings, right? But when we look deeper, sometimes, there's this void that never seems to fill up its insatiable hole. It's called satisfaction.

Are you satisfied in your relationship and with your partner? Are you whole with them in your life? Are you happy? Wholeness comes from within. The idea that a relationship is all you need to feel complete will leave you feeling more incomplete. You can't fetch a river dry with a teaspoon, but you can fill up a river with it in time.

Wholeness is a wholesome experience. It comes from being satisfied in who you are and what values you have to offer - in life and in your relationships. No human has the capacity to make you whole. Love isn't 2-halves becoming one, it is two completely whole people choosing to come together as ONE. Where 2 become 1, not where 2-halves become 1.

Become who you're destined to be. And as you discover how to be whole all by yourself, the right partner for you will complement your efforts and help you grow even more as you journey together on life's milky way. Be the right partner to the right partner. Love is a 2-way street.

- With Love, From Love.

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