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Be Patient, You Will Find Your Missing Rib

By Cephas Kwaku Debrah
Be Patient, You Will Find Your Missing Rib
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Many have been longing and searching everywhere even at the most obscure places for their missing rib. To some, the rib they are missing has the qualities to complement or complete them. To others, it is to fulfill social or religious obligations. Whatever the reason is, have you found yours yet? Or you are contemplating whether your supposedly found rib is really the one?

To my youth and teenagers, the relationship status of being single is not a curse neither does it indicate you are unloved. This is a very critical stage in your life which you should not be in a hurry to avoid but rather make the most out of. Sometimes I wonder why we hurry to be ‘bonded’ to someone while you can enjoy your freedom now?

Many people are so absorbed into finding someone to be all sort of things to them while they forget to find themselves; who they really are, what they are good at, what their values are, what they are passionate about and what truly matters to them? These factors culminate in what our purpose in life is.

The greatest and most important adventure of our life is discovering who we really are. It is very important you don’t get sidetracked in the pursuance of your purpose that your main goal in life is finding that missing rib. No one other than yourself can give you that enough time and attention to make up for the emptiness which needs to be filled. Find yourself first!!!.

Get your acts together and have your values and standards settled. Your knowledge of who you are will help you to find the right partner to compliment you perfectly. “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom” Aristotle.

Never fall in the trap of thinking that finding your missing rib will eventually fulfill you, satisfy you or instill in you a sense of worth. The only person who can do such is found whenever you look in the mirror; that person is you.

Finding your missing rib won’t quench your sexual lust either. A close walk with your maker does. Only Him can satisfy fully every human need. Seek him first. Be sure your security is in him because he never changes.

As you patiently wait for someone to ‘love’ you, make sure you love yourself first. Self-love is the prerequisite for any healthy relationship. How you love yourself is how you teach others to love you. Learn to love and appreciate yourself. Self-love does not make you selfish or self-centered. It rather enables you to offer the best of yourself to others.

When you love yourself it becomes easier for you to say no to people and things that don’t align with your values. It also prevents you from finding yourself in a position where you seek approval from others and going through all forms of sexual, mental, physical, and emotional abuse.

We live in an era where peers and social media paint relationships or dating as everything there is to this life. But there is more to this life than just that. Keep building yourself up. Explore more of your uniqueness and talents. You too will find your missing rib.

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