Don’t Listen To Everything You Hear

By Isaac Akolgo Agaare
Opinion Dont Listen To Everything You Hear
AUG 4, 2020 LISTEN

Listening is very different from hearing. Hearing can simply be defined as the ability to perceive sound using the auditory sense, better still; getting to know or become aware of something. But listening on the other hand is paying close attention or taking careful note of the sound that is perceived.

This means listening depends on hearing. Anyone with a healthy auditory sense can hear but listening is a choice. This also means, one can hear everything but he or she chooses what to listen to. Hearing depend on your ear as a sense organ while listening should be based on your sense of judgment. This also means hearing is passive and listening is active. Meaning by listening, one is doing what he or she has heard.

That is why it is important not to listen to everything you hear. This is because hearing and listening can be likened to production and consumption. There are many products or goods that are produced but one can not consume it all. We only choose what is good for us to consume, because some products can be harmful to your health. We choose what we consumed every day based on a lot of things or criteria such as the product’s health implications, origin or who made it, expiry date, etc. Likewise, certain things we hear can be dangerous to our lives. This is why we need to choose what we listen to from the many that we hear every day based on the authenticity of the source and the potency of the word(s) we hear.

We hear so many people share their stories every day on how they have succeeded in life. These are mostly heard at motivational talk shows or conferences, inspirational speeches, interviews, and auto(biographies). In these stories, you often hear how they made it to the top in their endeavours. These speakers sometimes go to the extent of prescribing the way they made it a successful route. This is because they often want to answer the question “tell others how to get to where you have reached?”.

You will hear some say “education is the key so take schooling serious”, some will tell you “identify what you can do best and focus on that because it cannot be schooling for everyone”. Some will tell you “hard work is key”, others will say “savings and investment are the secrets”. You will hear some say, “if you don’t have all the capital needed, you can always partner with trusted friends and relatives”, meanwhile some will advise that “if you want to succeed in business, don’t involve family and friends”. Some even go to the extent of telling you the sector or avenue to invest in or not. These are a few of the many pieces of advice or information out there for the hearing of people.

This means that people have succeeded from education or schooling, some have also succeeded by following their talent and leaving school (education), others have also succeeded by working hard and others have gotten there through saving and investing. Some have succeeded by working with friends and family while others have done that working alone. One thing is clear, which is that; there is no clear path or defined path to success. Because the term “success” is relative.

First of all, what we must understand is that we have all been created in the image of God according to Genesis 1: 26-27 but we are all not the same. We all carry our individual destinies and purpose in life. We have our individual talents and abilities in life according to Matthew 25:14-15. Even our physical being attest to the fact that we are all not the same. This can mean there are certain things one can do or not; based on your abilities and talents God has given you.

Secondly, we must understand that there is a purpose for every life on earth as created by God. Even though, the original purpose of creation is to show the Glory of God and for His praise as seen in Psalm 8 but there is a purpose and role for our individual lives which will all sum up for the general-purpose God has for creation.

Then it is important to note that, we cannot all succeed following the same path. Meaning what made someone succeed at something might not be an automatic step in succeeding in that endeavour. Because we have different abilities, therefore how (which is the ability) someone succeeds cannot be the same way everyone will. Even the circumstances, location and several other factors can account for this, because what you will do to survive in a desert will not be same thing you will do to survive when you on the sea.

But brethren, the only and sure route to succeed in life is knowing God and his purpose for your life. The only information you should listen to is what God says or the Word of God. Do not listen to anything that is not scriptural. There is a way out for you to succeed in the Word of God. The Bible is The Living Word of God. The situation you are in now seeking a solution is in the bible because there is nothing new under this sun (Ecclesiastes 1:9). Only listen to what The Word of God has to say about your situation. How do to know or hear The Word of God concerning your life or your situation in order for you to listen (do)?

First of all, search the scriptures (bible) for what suits your situation. There is a Word of God to help you succeed in business, academics, marriage, etc. There is a Word of God to help you succeed in times of sickness, despair, depression, just name it. All you need to do is to search for it. Another way to hear The Word of God is to read literature written by the inspiration of The Spirit of God (Holy Spirit).

Another way is by hearing the Servants of God. Servants or Men of God have been appointed for us as spokespersons of God. What they say is a message inspired by the Spirit of God for us. You need to pray for the Holy Spirit and its accompanying gift of discernment as according to 1 Corinthians 12:10. This will enable you discern which Spirit is of God because there are other spirits that are being used to deceive men in these end times according to Matthew 24:11, 24. You should only listen to Men of God who are anointed and inspired by The Holy Spirit.

As you hear The Word of God through the Scriptures, His Servants and other literature inspired by The Holy Spirit, the next thing is to listen by meditating the word day and night and also do as the Word says. The book of Joshua 1:8 explains what to do with the Word of God which is the Law that is binding on our lives.

Therefore, even if at all you will have hear people who have successfully made it to the top, you only have to listen (pick, do) what is based on scriptures. There are many success stories in the Bible under many circumstances, starting from Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, David, Solomon, Job, Paul, etc. The common attributes to these success stories was their ability to listen to God.

Therefore, I can confidently say that the only and sure route to success in any form is listening to what God says concerning your life and situation.

Isaac Akolgo Agaare

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