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30.06.2020 Family & Parenting

Early Marriage And Social Betterment

By Samiullai Quadoo Adams || Social Studies Tutor
Early Marriage And Social Betterment
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We all desire to live in a society that is peaceful, harmonious, and free from oppression and aggression, where the quality of life is very high, marked with a very high living standard. We wish to live in a society that has to reach its apex of development with all its fragrance and classic life. In fact, we all wish to have a society that can be akin to heaven where every form of unimaginable happiness and enjoyment can be found.

This is the ideals of every society and these ideals are not fiction. It can be materialised and make society a place of heaven. But it can only be possible through the institution of marriage.

Marriage is the only means through which people can find true peace of mind and comfort of the soul and contentment of the heart. Marriage places responsibility on the individual, and this makes people responsible. In every society too, we need people who are responsible to make it better.

So when individuals are encouraged to marry early, they will be able to stabilize their life, shun all forms of risky and decadent behaviour and become responsible beings who can manage their families and society. Such individuals will suppress aggressive behaviour and limit the tendency of indulging in an immoral act.

So when boys and girls with these qualities are entrusted with responsibility, they will perform it to the highest standard, thereby creating a society with responsible men and women for our own betterment.

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