The Little Impacts We Don't Realize

By Adams Boribi
Opinion The Little Impacts We Don't Realize
JUN 15, 2020 LISTEN

I never felt importance in me till I discovered I changed a life to goodness. On my blog page, I place some words anytime I find them worth the public consumption.

But when I do, I feel no confidence in my heart. I feel I did not make sense and because everyone looked for fame anyhow it comes, I still suspected the populace would think about that.

One afternoon I remember getting out of the 'okada'. A common vehicle in my settlement. A call came to my phone. It was a man whom the wife had instructed to call me. This man started to thank me so vastly via the cellphone because my few posts had replaced a cracked vacuum. His wife read something on my page about the MARRIAGE-THEORY; which the couple fought and nearly impaired their bodies yet they got back into the marriage and had built a new home, a fulfilling life of course.

He expressed, "the disagreement between my wife and myself grew because of arrogance. When my wife was apart I felt too big to call or even visit her parents for redress. This is because I did not cause the whole trouble, it was my wife's guilt. Unfortunately, pompously, my wife also felt the same as I do. She had loved to get back to me but felt I would have a different thought about her and did not want to lose her dignity.

Whilst apart, we continue to utter profanity against each other, I even perceived this wife's family devilish. As for my wife, I did not want to smell her presence again even though in my heart I want her back. We harbored hates out of pretext for 6 months, today we are back and built a new home-family and fulfilling life.

My wife read your blog post and it changed her attitude in marriage."

Upon the call, I was strongly surprised that I could ever change a life and that I had really changed a life. From there, I did not take small things for granted. Even when I render thanks to a person, I feel I had replaced a lost part.

I often ask the tough question, what do we need in life? Is it a success, if so how do we understand it? Riches or the life you chose for your whims? What? But have we heard or even felt happy before? Have we noticed the happiness our hearts get and the willingness to do more when we know we rendered and changed a single life? It is what I referred to.

Jay Shetty calls it a purposeful-fulfilling life. Now I understood why Mahatma Gandhi said 'we find ourselves when we lose ourselves in the service of others.' I initially thought I had lost in the dark ocean until I found I changed a life.

Today it is the encouragement. The globe is just one. It is also amazing. We live with the rich and the poor. But I remember we nearly missed living with the happy ones or even living happily ourselves.

My point is, let us find our dreams. Let us find our purpose. Simply put, let us use our dreams, what we are good at, and learn how to use that to make positive changes in the lives of others. When we do it, we would not only feel happy but also, we have impacted. We would therefore not find reasons to curse ourselves and our teachers or parents.

I never knew I could change a life until I received a call that the home is rebuilt to happiness. The family is built. Today it is a lasting one. Nothing more is needed in this life than impacts. As for you, you need not wait for someone to recognize or call you on the phone before doing more. Just do more and more with a correct intention. Yes do it, it could be plastic on the street or in the gutter. Lift it and drop inside the dustbin. You would not know but anytime a single plastic is picked from the street, a thousand lives are saved.

Not only plastics, but you could also praise a friend on his effort. Anything little you do that can create happiness and some positive changes on another or even the environment. Nothing much.

Still, the multi-billion question is, what is it we need in life, a fulfilling future, or a glimmer one?