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27.05.2020 Opinion

Children Are Not Children Anymore!

By Itobi Immanuel
Children Are Not Children Anymore!
LISTEN MAY 27, 2020

The recent inventions in relation is questionable. As a child we used to go through series of corrections from our parents, elders, and loved ones. Corrections of different measures depending on how deep our child-ish attitudes unfold.

There seems to be discrepancies on how best to train a child today due to technological advancement, marriage crises, surrogacies, etc. With respect to Africa’s affiliation with the West, and her keen interest in adopting the western standards. It is permissible to look via the lens of African proverbs, and the ancient mode of relating with a child so as to produce a revised mode of treating children – if there is a need. Children are priceless, the innocence of a child is soul-pleasing. But it seems children are not children anymore!

As we celebrate Children’s day let us all remember the Sudanese proverb that “we desire to bequest two things to our children – the first one is the roots; the other is wings.” The art of a child begins from the root.

So as the day is for children to celebrate, it is also a day for parents to evaluate.

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