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20.05.2020 Career & Money

Youth Initiative Seeks To Prepare African Youths For Global Employment Opportunities

By Toheeb Ojuolape
Youth Initiative Seeks To Prepare African Youths For Global Employment Opportunities
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According to statistics from the African Development bank over 150 million African youths are currently unemployed and over 100million African youths are underemployed or vulnerably employed, doing work that is beneath them solely to avoid hunger and poverty. There’s no doubt that Africa currently has an employment problem which is exhumed by a high level of poverty, insecurity, and low standard of living.

In fact, according to an article by the United Nations, youth unemployment is the key element responsible for high crime rates, insurgency and political instability in countries like Nigeria, Ghana, and Somalia, and to paraphrase the words of president Nana Akufo-Addo; “We must do something about the current unemployment rate in Africa because if care is not taken, something bad may happen”.

In light of this, the Employable Graduate is a youth-focused initiative that seeks to prepare African youths for accessing global employment through online learning, deliberate mentoring, and a holistic mindset change. The organization, founded by Mosimiloluwa Koye-Ladele - a senior analyst at a World-leading international investment bank, has so far helped over 3000 young Africans harness the skills they need to secure life-changing opportunities and prepare them for the future of work.

The organization believes that if there exist insufficient job opportunities to cater for youths in Africa, then the best way to solve the problem of African youth unemployment is by giving young African a global mindset to apply for international job opportunities.

The call for application for the 2nd cohort of the Employable Graduate is currently ongoing. The application process for the Employable Graduate as well as the online courses which young people would have access to is entirely FREE-OF-CHARGE. This is in an attempt to enable young Africans from low-income families to have access to the online courses and mentorship opportunities available on the platform.

Are you an African youth interested in applying for and securing international job opportunities? Then you can register for the Employable Graduate by clicking the link below: