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06.05.2020 Career & Money

10 Habits Of Highly Successful People 

By Schandorf Adu Bright
10 Habits Of Highly Successful People 
LISTEN MAY 6, 2020

Success is not automatic and accident. Some succeed and others don’t, here is what I learned that make the difference and want to share with you. Successful people:

1. Take 100% Responsibility, don’t blame others, you are the captain of your soul and master of your own fate. Lame people blame people.

2. Decide Exactly What You Want; if you aim at nothing, you will achieve nothing. Find something that motivates you to achieve more.

3. Believe It is Possible; what your mind cannot conceive, your hands that not receive

4. Visualize Success; Great achievements are first seen in the mind before the eyes.

5. Act as If They Are Already Successful; what you think you are, you are.

6. Willing To Pay The Price; Many want to achieve something, few pay the price to get it. Be that one

7. Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway
8. Seek Mentorship. Forget your ego. Ego kills, so kill it.

9. Have Enthusiasm
10. Commit to Constant Improvement. Never stop improving. It is my hope you make a difference by 10years from now. #Leadership #Success #YouTooCanDoWonders

Schandorf Adu Bright is a Business Development Manager at Jetstream Africa, a tech-enabled logistics based in Ghana. With his 7 years’ experience in business development and first-class knowledge in turning project ideas into successful business and managing these to full national scale at Farmerline – Ghana, Schandorf has mastered techniques that apply to any start-up.