29.04.2020 Touch Of Thoughts

Unleash Your Potentials---Part One

By Joshua Owusu Asante & Adjei Boakye
Unleash Your Potentials---Part One
29.04.2020 LISTEN

Do you believe what Napoleon Hill said that "more gold had been mined from the mind of men than the earth itself"? Yeah, it's true.

The leading companies and corporations of our time are all products of human potentials. Talking of Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, Alibaba, Tesla, Boeing, and what you can think of. It's the cheapest start-up we all could start.

Eight out of every ten persons wish they could start their own businesses, but very few are able to make this a reality all because generating a startup seems to be a blow. But the truth is deep inside of us is a flame that never stop burning called passion that needs just a single twitch to turn into profit but sometimes we turn deaf ears to this.

Brenda Ueland said it so well that "Everybody is talented because everybody who is human has something to express". None was born empty as we use to think, we're all treasure carriers and we must dispose those treasures lest we'll live average lives, join the go to school get a good paying job, and die as ordinary people and we'll only be remembered by our tombstones.

It might surprise you, the sacred ground called cemetery contain dreams that never came to pass, books that were never written, songs that were never sung, ideas that were never thrutched to it demands , purpose that were not fulfilled, and also plans that never went beyond look.

As said, by legend called Dr. Myles Monroe, "the wealthiest spot on this planet, is not the oil fields of Iraq, or Saudi Arabia. Neither is it the gold and diamond mines of South Africa, the uranium mines of the Soviet Union, or the silver mines of Africa. Though it may surprise you that, the richest deposit just lie few meters away from your house. They rest in the local cemetery or graveyard." In respect to this, the inbuilt resources are more valuable and Important.

Potential, from other school of thought, means: an untapped strength. "Vocation", a Latin word which means, "calling". What you were called to do on this planet. It's quite unfortunate that, most of us may deposit it in the graveyard.

Potential, has nothing to do with what you have already accomplished, it's what's you're capable of doing instead.

Never settle on what you have accomplished, never stop searching deep inside of you your passion, and it might surprise you how you could influence your world.

What's not yet visible, and up to us is to put on the right lense and search for it. The wealth planted in you is unknown until you bring it up.

Potentials give birth to purpose, in other words, you need the Potentials to discover your purpose. The potentials fuel that purposes to see the light, goes in hand.

Imagine a world where people were born without potentials... Like how would earth be..?

I guess that'd be very scary and life would never be pleasant.

I always ask my self, what was I born to do....?, What do I possess....?, and what can I do to contribute positively to the world and humanity...? Help me get the possible answers to this.

Many look, but few see. It is up to you to grab the right lens in order to see further than your eyes can look. Seeing further, helps you to discover your hidden potentials.

There is a lot about this, on how one can find that potentials.

Remember, you don't need rocket science in this.

Thank you.

By: Joshua Owusu Asante

Adjei Boakye

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