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Hope In His Rise... Thank God I'm Born Again

A painful past, new wine skins
Hope In His Rise... Thank God I'm Born Again

Jesus rose to give new life and new hope. To make us stop putting old wine into new wine skins. He rose to give life to the dead. He is the one who makes dry bones flesh and sinners saints. The one who heals the sick, let's the blind see and gives life in abundance.

My childhood from 9 going to 16 was one of immense pain and that pain has carried on into my adult life. Sometimes manifesting as intense anger. A child is not a great receptor of pain and that pain can create walls it's adult self cannot break down easily. What's worse is the lack of empathy from others, even those in the church. Oh yes Jesus heals. However, you've got to remember sometimes pharisees don't want him to. I've had many bad experiences in church, where it seemed I did not belong there when I was seeking healing. People speaking of things they did not know, had never experienced and had no power to heal with their words. I came for the Master, they told me this was the Sabbath. That Jesus did not heal those who were already totally broken not trying to heal themselves from their sickness. Yet the son of man is Lord of the totally sick, totally lame, totally blind, totally demon possessed, totallyabused, even on the sabbath. He will heal you if you come as you are, fully sick, and say Lord I need you. He will shut every pharisees mouth in the process.

God doesn't care how sick or sinful you are. He came to heal you as you are. When the woman bound by infirmity for years went to Jesus. He didn't ask her why she had been carrying wounds from the past, to let go, it's only hurting her etc. Who touched me he said, your faith has made you well. If only you can touch his garment. Jesus gave her a new life and she didn't have to heal herself or let go of the past to get it. When the prostitute and adulterer came he didn't tell them your sin has bound you. He told the prostitute thank you for washing my feet. He told the adulterer to go and sin no more. Don't let anyone in the church make you feel your sin has bound you. Jesus came so you could have life in abundance if only you believe. He transforms the sinner via their faith. Sometimes healing is a process, Namaan had to dip himself in water many times to be healed and it took a long time for many of the disciples to truly believe God had chosen them and get over their insecurities.

Jesus changed my life. I'm not perfect but he gave me hope. He gave me a solid rock to lean on. Someone whose garment I can touch many times. When no one in the world will let me come to them for healing. He said come all you who are weary and heavy burdened and I will give you rest. Not I will give you the tools to rest by your own works. I will give you eternal life, I will make you a new creature. Slowly you will have love, joy and peace because you have me. A peace I give you not one the world gives. A spirit I give you not one the world gives. A life of victory and access to me 24/7 that I give. Touch his garment. Come to him, no matter how broken you are and how mad you are at him. He has answers the world and the pharisee cannot give.

Akosua Tuntum Nahana
Akosua Tuntum Nahana

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