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14.02.2020 Touch Of Thoughts

I Almost Quit

By Adjei Boakye
I Almost Quit
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If our early ancestors had been prone to feeling content with present circumstances, they would not have been sensitive enough to possible dangers that lurked in the most apparently safe environment.

It seems there are possible dangers everywhere, including what we have termed as a comfort zone.

Growing up as a small boy, I have seen it all in terms of difficulties. I survived a little, and I thrived through my continual conscious alertness, which predisposes me to thinking and imagining the possible negative in any circumstances.

My Grandmother once told me this...."Things will not be better unless you position your mind and glue it to success. Attach it with consistency, persistence, desire, and planning. Turn everything around including difficulties and I know, it shall be well."

I thought she was just recalling some of the old adages; not knowing she was hammering the truth, and indeed, the foundation of life.

I still live in Savannah, teaming with life-threatening predators and natural dangers. Life has not been easy as a small boy, and besides, I am not expecting it to be but knowing all these, I wanted to quit.

Reality can be quite harsh and is full of limits and problems. The reality, nearly placed me off -track. To become successful requires sacrifice and hard work but in my imagination, we can voyage beyond these limits and entertain all kinds of possibilities. I knew nothing about this then....that is why I wanted to quit.

Mr. Elickplem Kotoko, who I cherish so much, once told me this, " Our imagination is essentially limitless and what we imagine has almost limited the force of what we actually experience." The distinction between reality and imagination was not clear to me, I thought all was well until reality got down on me.

The mindset of quitting... developed when I was in class 5 at age 10, of which I can't even recall the number of Fante kenkey I have sold. I quickly turned In to a tomato seller and In fact, the selling of scraps became a daily job after school. Always enjoying the day with Grandmother, who is still alive and always encourage


I remember, one day when a woman bought all my tomatoes with fake money, of which I didn't know. The drama surrounding this whole issue has remained a scar on the brain. I nearly quit, because even the hope given, was gradually becoming hopeless. Life is difficult and I know it will surely turn around, as said by my old lady.

All these make the grass-is-always greener syndrome inevitable in my psychological makeup. I came to realize that, life will not forever be the same.

Sometimes, I will win, sometimes I will not make it but things being equal, I have to up my game.

Finally, the reality of life has Cath up with me, and I always experience it in the brain. This has been demonstrated in all walks of life and me quitting shouldn't have been the best option to choose. The alert button of life favoured me and later alerted me to think through that decision.....

This is just the beginning..... I Almost Quit

---Adjei Boakye