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Let Love Lead

By Raphael B. Takyi
Let Love Lead
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As I reached for the bedpan, she puked, drenching me and my nurse in her vomit. I smiled, and the relatives looked sorry for me.

I cared less though, for in the moment of her desperation, she was in no mood to apologize and neither was I even expecting one. My gaze was set on the monitor and the fluid on her, hoping every drop would bring her some comfort.

They say the good things in life are free but at that moment, they had eluded her. I could feel she would have paid anything for those, but sometimes you just can’t have it all.

Moments prior to her arrival, she was in the company of friends, sharing smiles, and love befitting of the eve to the most love-cladded day in the year.

Not even on Easter Friday do people show much love reminiscent of what was shown mankind on the cross. But here she was with all those memories forgotten, alone in pain, alone in suffering.

As I pushed in every drug, I looked at my drenched clothes, hoping she got better soon, so I could go change my clothes and take a shower.

In the midst of chaos, love brings serenity. In the darkness, it shines. And in peace, who needs heaven? Happy Vals Day Abena.

Raphael B. Takyi