Prodigal Daughter Returns

Prodigal Daughter Returns
31.01.2020 LISTEN

Conversations with God




You've wiped my tears

I was too proud to cry

I know I'm a naughty child

Prodigal daughter

A ewe sheep who strayed

Looking for love

Freely only you give.

I ended up in a den with pigs

They threw mad on me

I got angry

Run further from you

Thinking you love others

Bless others

Not me

I was stabbed in the back by Delilah's, Saul's, Pharisee's and Judas's

But blamed you.

I was lost looking for blind to lead the blind.

Wolves in sheeps clothing tried to devour me.

The devil roaming around like a lion always got me.

Then I became the Samaritan woman

Looking for love from wrong ones

Who didn't see I was the apple of your eye.

You came to me many days calling yourself living water

Who could quench my thirst for salvation.

I was tired walking through the valley of the shadow of death, fearing evil.

However my pride

My adored earthly sensual and demonic wisdom

Decieved me.

You couldn't possibly help me with your naievity.

Your love is the answer armour of God

That would leave me dead on a cross

At the hands of my enemies.

You will always respond


Seeing you won't see

Hearing you won't hear

Unless you turn to me to heal you.

Maybe you should have been there

When the priest and the levite left me for dead

After I was robbed and beaten of who I am.

By sinners you want to save by grace.

Don't be offended

You call me daughter I say

One thing we have in common is my word is sharper than a two edge sword.

One day I realised

My wisdom couldn't carry my heavy load

Making life sour for me.

The men whose feet I washed with my tears and hair didn't care enough to stay.

Friends abandoned me even though I cursed God and didn't die.

My idols and ideologies didn't care for our covenant.

I went to Jesus hesitant

He was happy to have me.

Each day he shares his deep love for me.

I have become more humble to cast my cares on him.

He has proved

He cares for me.

Who else will take me as I am

Upgrade me for free.

Akosua Tuntum Nahana
Akosua Tuntum Nahana

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