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12.01.2020 Lifestyle

Self Esteem And Having A Beautiful Soul Is All That's Needed

Self Esteem And Having A Beautiful Soul Is All That's Needed
LISTEN JAN 12, 2020

Whitney Houston, Micheal Jackson and many other celebrities we know here in Ghana or around the world may have money, fame, talent and respect. Yet Whitney Houston and Micheal Jackson were miserable and so are many of their counterparts world wide. There are people with money like the kardashians constantly getting plastic surgery because they don't like themselves. In Ghana here there are so many famous people bleaching or getting into one dilemma after the next, because they are cruel and they don't like themselves.

Today I want to say that the achievement of fame and fortune won't make you happy. Yes, others might be in awe of you, however if you are not in awe of yourself it doesn't matter. I know a lot of people really desire to have a title or huge achievements to make them feel like their somebody. You're already a somebody and if you cannot notice that, nothing will make you aware. A wise person follows their goals and passions and if that accolades. The joy of their hard work for themselves makes them happy, not their standing in high society. Einstein was not looking to be famous, he was passionate about science. Kwame Nkrumah was not looking to be on a Ghanaian cedi, he was passionate about independence. You will find those looking for fame and fortune are often miserable when they get it. They have no self. Those who are cruel but in high positions with money are also miserable because they cannot give love to others. Some people also snaked their way into their jobs and professions. What they don't know is any human being who wants to be unnatural and thinks their clever by being a snake can never stand on their own two feet. They will snake their way tirelessly through life and never be satisfied.

David was a shepeard boy, Goliath was a famed wealthy acclaimed soilder yet David had the confidence of a king. Self esteem comes from knowing who you are and being utterly convinced you are incredible. People with self esteem know nobody is better than them, that we are all human, we bleed the same and we die the same. Just like the Bible says, whether your religious or not the mark of a human being is not accolades or wealth, its the ability to love yourself, express yourself fearlessly and love your neighbour.

That means the outcasts, the homeless, the rugged, the poor, the prostitute and the thug too. Those who truly love themselves and have high self esteems are not judgemental, snobbish or snotty. They judge by their heart not appearances. It's only a great person who can have an audience with all from society. Jesus brought unity between all not divisions. A great King, musician, professor, Shakespeare, politician, citezen and human being does the same.

In the words of Ghana's second president Kofi Busia, it's only in the giving and spending of ourselves that we truly live. If you don't even have a self or appreciate yourself, you cannot give yourself. Self esteem always provides healthy boundaries, you won't have to worry about haters if you love yourself. They will run. No one can dupe you. You will live a life on your own terms because you come first. If you love others, especially those deemed unlovable you will experience boundless joy. You will follow your dreams and passions and hopefully they will help you build stability and a life you are proud of, or they will keep you going, regardless of what happens you will be satisfied. Take for example one of my favourite celebrities Jennifer Hudson, she struggled before she reached her fame yet her love for music kept her going through it all. She has self love, she loves God and she is kind to people. You see it in the way she interacts. Let's take our own Mercy Asiedu, if you listen to her story you'll discover she came from humble beginnings to stardom. She is a woman who loves herself and has a sweet honest disposition towards others. I have seen people with nothing by the worlds standards who have moe joy than those with many mansions. A man who gains the world and has no soul is the poorest of all.