Poetry: The Church Needs To Shepherd Even The Hurt Sheep

Poetry: The Church Needs To Shepherd Even The Hurt Sheep
12.01.2020 LISTEN

All I've ever had is you

You thought me think

You thought me feel

You thought me

I was we

We were never alone.

You made me love me.

You made me connect dots with God

Who I felt never loved me.

Church still don't accept me.

I know I'm a little burnt

Cause I tell the truth

Don't hide behind polish

They see all my cracks bare

They think I am sin and sin is me

Yet aren't we all looking for grace

From a father we never desired.

It is easy to feel God and church

When life has been easy to swallow

The devils been calling me since I was little

They may see good and light

In this world all I know is escape dark

By any means necessary

My voice is loud

That's all I got to keep peace about.

You'll never understand

If it looked like Satan loved you more than Jesus

So you carry sin as a cross.

Its hard to follow God when you feel if he is love

Why have I been abandoned

Asking why is the devil the only one with options

When religious people walk past at your bleeding.

I've had to fight being drawn into sin with everything.

Bitterness is easy for me

Love is easy if you're right with me.

Life hasn't been fair.

God letting my enemies walk

Letting injustice continue

Then saying forgive is like a slap in the face

Took me long to see him as worthy of worship

Yes we are all sinners

Yet I don't see all men as my brothers and sister

Some are Cain

Same days I say lord thanks for recognising

Abel's spilled blood

When I you gonna recognise mine

Not be scared

Not utter little motivations to heal deep wounds

Or see me as damaged broken

Not rinsed or want to be rinsed by the word

Like the church.

I have seen enough to read people.

Even behind the fake smiles

I know most of your people don't care enough.

I know this is not feel good poetry.

The world isn't always good.

Looking at the light always

Allows the dark to triumph.

Akosua Tuntum Nahana
Akosua Tuntum Nahana

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