20.12.2019 Beauty & Fashion

Femytoys Presents Project Ric a Christmas Editorial

Femytoys Presents Project Ric a Christmas Editorial
LISTEN DEC 20, 2019

This presentation explores the dexterity of the designer with art; craft and indigenous accessorizing of traditionally known attires into modern-day timeless pieces.

Inspired by the drape-like cut of a cassock, the collection establishes a symbiotic connection between the maker and the wearer.

The season less pieces serve as a totem to our end of year offering for twenty nineteen fashion year.

See you in the first quarter of twenty-twenty for our explosive collection - IHOHO (N U D I T Y)

Styling and Creative Direction @Femytoys
Model @richassani
Photography @maj_delz
Makeup artist @belize_makeup
PR @moafricapr

1220201934025-ptkwn0y442-axr 0067

1220201934025-ptkwn0y442-axr 0121-2-2

1220201934025-23041q5dcw-axr 0179

1220201934025-1j041q5ccw-axr 0196

1220201934025-otjvn0y442-axr 0228

1220201934025-0g830m4yyt-axr 0272

1220201934025-n6iul8w331-axr 0298

1220201934025-0g830m4yyt-axr 0324

1220201934026-n6ium8x332-axr 9855

1220201934026-wcsevihutp-axr 9866

1220201934026-h40o2s6eey-axr 9882

1220201934026-otkvn0y442-axr 9961

1220201934026-8dt2wkivvq-axr 9982

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