Women don't need to love their spouses or mates

Love & Relationships Women don't need to love their spouses or mates
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The bible says men love your wives, love them like christ loved the church, enough to sacrifice yourself for them. The bible does not say women love your husbands. It says women submit to your husbands. This is because God loves women, God wants women to be with a man who loves and adores them. A man who does not love a woman is not worthy of her. A woman in turn should respect the man who loves her. A man should leave his father and mother and cleave to his wife. The bible does not say a wife should leave her family for a man.

Please women don't go in search of men because of chemistry or be with a man who has no intention of marrying or loving you, because you love him. Even David with all his faith and Solomon with all his wisdom changed women like diapers. However look at Hannah's husband, Joseph and Abraham who loved their wives whole heartedly, they treated them like gold. Don't go loving some chocho mocho whose penis is his life compass ( an object that gives direction and tells its user to go North, East, South or West), whose penis is like a butterfly spreading his semen to every flower he finds attractive.

There's no need for a woman to give her whole heart to a man. It's not wise. It's not even necessary. If he marries you and loves you like Christ loves the church and you do your part and respect him. You will begin to see that your feelings grow for him. Don't mistake sexual tension, good orgasms, chemistry and empty sweet words to mean he's the one. The one will marry you and love you enough to die for you. If he's okay looking, good to you, worships the ground you walk on and can provide ( the bible says a man must leave his father and mother, if he's still under them and looking to them to provide... run, unless his family are going to look after both of you very well - it's not the woman's family who looks after a man) then what is the problem. This is not about love is about marriage. So a woman can live comfortably, have peace and bare children with someone stable.

Some men give the same butterflies to all the women they see. They are professionals at getting women excited. However, men don't love the way women do. That's why it's important for women to know they are loved by God, their family and when they have children, their children. The love of blood related family is unconditional and everlasting. Your blood family is irreplaceable. Your love for them is to. You can always get another man, but you can never get another mother, father, brother or sister. You can have many children but they are your children till either of your deaths. No matter what your family does there is still a bond of love that cannot be corrupted. No matter what you do to each other and how much you disagree, most will attest they cannot help but love their family and their children. That's real unconditional agape ( everlasting) love. Woman you are loved. Don't throw away everything for a love for a man who in the end may just throw you back to your unconditional lovers. Also note until a man marries you, you are single. The bible doesn't recognise boyfriends. So don't go and be giving money, performing wifely duties and building properties with boyfriends. If he loved you, he would marry you before all these things.

Women think about yourselves, don't let a man come and use you because his penis is his life compass. If you want to get married and your boyfriend ( you shouldn't be loving with your whole heart anyway) doesn't, move on to someone who will give you the love Jesus had for the church and marry you. That also means no sex before marriage if you can, (unless it's for your own pleasures and you can't help yourself) if he doesn't want to marry you. He wants to sleep with you for what? Women open your eyes, don't go mad or lose all the joy in life God has given you, for a man whose suppose to love you enough to die for you. However, is useless because his penis is navigating his life so he can't be a man.

Akosua Tuntum Nahana
Akosua Tuntum Nahana

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