The Church, God's Laboratory For Proving His Existence

By Michael Koomson
Spirituality & Religion The Church, God's Laboratory For Proving His Existence
NOV 4, 2019 LISTEN

God decided in His infinite wisdom, that when a child is born the head must come first into this world, well, is it not possible God is telling us something? The head is as important as the heart if you ask me. Blind faith is not Biblical, faith must have basis, some evidence, the believer must think and the thinker must believe(Dr. Ravi Zacharias).

Logic is the very expression of God, our God is scientific. He created the land before the trees, the seas before the fishes. God has not left his dealings to be explained entirely by the supernatural. I believe some years to come some men of God will become redundant, not because they are not anointed but because they neglected the logics and science of Christianity. I know of Apollos, I know of Daniel in Babylon, I know of Paul, these were learned and mighty in scriptures. The Book of Acts records of Paul and Apollos "reasoning and persuading" using scriptures.

Earlier I thought this was going to be far away in the future but I never thought it was so near. The new generation is more cognitive than they're emotional, shouting and gimmicks have not been too effective in reaching us. God knew this, that is why he said "go and teach and make disciples". The new sets of believers are asking questions, questions we can no longer turn blind eyes to, Dax, a foreign hip hop artiste has put a song out there titled "Dear God", I've seen a couple of people use it as their status on whatsapp. What it means is that they agree with him at least on some of the questions He is asking in the song.

A group of SHS students told me recently that one of their teachers said there is no God and that Jesus Christ is just another name in History, and others are saying Christianity is a Jewish conspiracy, I have met SHS student who said He was an atheist, and as far as he was concerned he had apparently good reasons for being one. Sounds harmless doesn't it, but a world view is being formed and God is being spurn out of that worldview. Atheism is on the rise in western countries because the church did not anticipate a generation that would ask questions.

Our grandparents did not ask questions, that was good for their preachers but this New generation preachers have a much greater task, to answer questions. I do not suggest the church becomes a scientific laboratory for proving the existence of God, nonetheless we have been entrusted with the responsibility of proving the existence of God.

Theology studied in seminaries might not be enough, men of God would have to get to the feet of God whiles studying to answer the questions of the youth, instead of thinking of them as heretics. Give them reasons for believing what we believe, don't just say it is the tradition of the church, don't treat our questions as if we were mere fanatics, And that we want to rebel and undermine authority. We are building lenses with which we will look at Christianity and the world in general. This questions are genuine.

Parents should engage their children in bible knowledge backed by historical, archeological and scientific facts, these are available, don't leave the biblical education to chance and happenstance else you'll soon be dealing with atheists in your own household. False Knowledge Is spreading like wild fire out there and the church has to be a wild flood to deal with it. Evolutionism is replacing creationism in our classrooms. And the atheistic communities are surging hard on the church, Prof. Richard Dawkins has an entire campaign against Christianity. If we're not ready to do this, then we should look forward to a church deficit of intellectuals because scientific atheism would have offered a tragically shallow answers to their many questions and a more convenient approach to life. We do not have the answers to all of life's questions, but I definitely would be wrong not to look at the evidence in nature. I want to conclude with this, I personally believe that it takes more faith to be an atheist than it takes to be a believer what we believe has no bearing with reality, reality doesn't change based on what we believe or think, fire burns whether we believe it or not, the earth is spherical whether We believe it or not. Those who select convenient realities are tragically deceived, I believe in God not because I was indoctrinated, but because the dictionary was made in a printing press, it didn't come into existence because there was an explosion in the printing press. I am too carefully made for me to carelessly believe I was a product of chance+time+plus matter. I am not an enemy of the body of Christ, I am one of its members, parents and pastors alike should answer questions asked, our future is more cognitive than our past was, this is just my honest opinion.

BY Michael Koomson.