The Spirit Of Prayer [Part 1]

By Richmond Duafah
The Spirit Of Prayer Part 1
01.11.2019 LISTEN

I have watched Jesus preached together with the disciples and organize a crusade but I have never read in the scriptures where he gathered the disciples for a prayer meeting. I have seen him performed miracles together with the disciples but when its time for prayer, I see quotes like: “and he departed to the mountains ALONE to pray”. Jesus will eat with the disciples and even promise them mansions in Heaven but when it’s time to pray He will leave them behind and then climb the mountains alone to Pray. Even when it became necessary to seek their hand in prayer He just left them with a telegraph: “Watch with me in Prayer” and he left them. That presupposed to me that Prayer is more of a personal experience than a group work.

What then is prayer? What relevance is this activity call Prayer that people travel to Israel to face the wailing wall built by Solomon? What is this activity call Prayer that to an extent Jesus said “Men ought to pray and NEVER to cease”? He even continued to say PRAY (not preach, teach or work) without ceasing. It means we can stop preaching, stop teaching and stop the crusade but when it comes to prayer it is as significant as oxygen. He said we shouldn’t stop that one. What is this mystery call Prayer that Abraham, Moses, Jeremiah, Apostle Paul, John Hyde, EM Bounds and the apostles of old couldn’t do without? What is it? Is it that relevant and if we don’t pray what will happen? Prayer is too relevant to an extent that even Jesus have to continue this activity call Prayer in Heaven. What then is Prayer.

Well, Prayer is beyond communication and a medium of receiving things from God. If we continue with this medieval definition we will wallow in ignorance. Jesus was God in the flesh he didn’t need anything so what was he praying for? Prayer is the only platform to ensure a continues relationship with God. It is the only spiritual force that understands the communications, interpretations and implementations in the realm of the spirit. Check the scriptures and see how the apostles of old prayed, the bible said they shut the door behind them, meaning NO DESTRUCTIONS. Meaning you can’t claim to be eating, “whatsapping”, talking and praying at the same time. Prayer needs your TV off, your friends off, your door shut, your phone off and your attention focused on one thing: God. We call it fellowship.

Preaching is a gift, teaching is a gift, business is an idea, healing is a gift, working of miracles and wonders are gifts but prayer is a sacrifice. Anybody can teach and preach but it’s a sacrifice to pray. Prayer is not a gift of the spirit, it is an attitude of the spirit. The disciples said we shall continually GIVE ourselves to PRAYER meaning it must possess you. Apostle, trust me until this spirit of prayer consumes us we may never see the next move of God. The habit of prayer doesn’t generate any results, it’s the spirit of prayer that brings results. The spirit births the habit. The scripture says “for we don’t know how to pray but the spirit gives us utterance”, meaning prayer is a spiritual activity not a product of religiosity.

Prayer is genderless and ageless: we can’t excuse ourselves base on gender and age, so male and female must both learn to pray. Satan attacks both the aged and the babies, so both the baby and the adult must learn to pray. If we keep leaving the kids at home and go for prayer meetings because we think they are young, another spirit will come and possess them: if they are not too young to watch pornography then they are not too young to pray. The forces from hell and the wickedness in the air don’t understand grammar and gimmicks they only respect the force of a spirit- filled prayer. You don’t pray because you want to, you pray because you have to. Meaning prayer is a necessity not an option.

Apostle, the ministry is necessary but let’s focus on building a formidable relationship with God through the force of prayer, that is the surest means to a ministry without tears and a life of constant victory. God help us as we delve deep into the mystery of the throne room, prayer.

PRAYER: Lord Jesus! grant me the spirit of prayer and the discipline to pray. In Jesus’ name.

R. Duafah
[email protected]
(ChangeMakers Chapel Int’l)