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26.10.2019 Beauty & Fashion

How the smartphone (and coffee) causes a boost to shoulderbags

How the smartphone (and coffee) causes a boost to shoulderbags
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There is always a reason for fashion. Why are the shoulderbags so popular. By students, businessmen- and women?

The backpack is easy to carry bag for students. But more and more students take their laptops and other stuff with them in a shoulder bag (Translated to Dutch: schoudertas). That’s why there are a lot of models, available in every color and dessin.

There is a shoulder bag for everyone. These bags are mostly worn crossbody. And not only mail but also female students carry these trendy bags this way.

It’s a mix between a student- and fancy entrepreneur look

The working man and woman also have discovered the shoulder bag. It’s a mix between a student- and a fancy entrepreneur look. You recognize them immediately. They carry them crossbody. It’s a chique sportive look, even when they wear a suit. Or the woman a skirt.

The question is why so many people like to put their working materials and laptop in a bag over their shoulder.

Easy on a bicycle
The reason is obvious: they want their hands free. Free to have their smartphone constantly in their hands, so they can take a look at it at every moment. Need we say more!

Easy when you walk to work or you travel by train or bus. And when you go on your bicycle, you just have to sweep the crossbody shoulder bag to your back.

There’s another reason why people want their hands free

But there is also another reason why they want their hands free: coffee. Nowadays it's normal to grab a coffee on your way to the office. It’s not only the American style but it’s also Dutch. An Americano, a latte or a cappuccino.

So now you will understand that you need both hands free to have your coffee in one hand, and your smartphone in the other. No problem when you carry a shoulder bag crossbody.

Easy on Friday afternoon
So carry your beautiful leather shoulder bag with flair and crossbody so you can even grab a glass of wine with your colleges on Friday-afternoon. A glass of cold wine from the wine fridge (translated to Dutch: wijnkast) is the best reward at the end of the week. But keep your sophisticated appearance. Stay stylish and go for a bag with a timeless design.

For example a Cowboysbag or Burkely. An Omybag, Timbuk2 or Legend. There are so many beautiful shoulder bags. Even a Tommy Hilfiger of Björn Borg is suitable for a day at the office. Sportive and stylish. And don’t forget the coffee (or the wine).

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