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21.10.2019 Travel & Tourism

The Best Gardens to Visit in the World

The Best Gardens to Visit in the World
LISTEN OCT 21, 2019

There are over 230,000 varieties of flowers in the world, but if you want to see the most beautiful of them, then there are 10 flower gardens that you need to visit in your lifetime. There are also many other gardens with beautiful trees that you will want to see. Of course, it is essential to visit them at the right time of year so that you can get the best view.

Arenal Botanical Garden and Serpentarium
Start the year off with a January visit to the Arenal Botanical Garden and Serpentarium in Arenal Lake, Costa Rica. This garden that has been left mostly wild features over 2,200 species of plants, including many cycads and ferns. Make sure to wear your hiking boots because you will want to hike along this garden's rugged paths. This facility is also home to a reptile house where you can see many of Costa Rico's snakes.

Quito Botanical Garden
February is a great time to visit the Quito Botanical Garden in Ecuador. You can lie in páramo plants, learn about different medicinal plants, and visit two greenhouses filled with orchids. Numerous ecosystems allow you to learn about many different natural plant communities that thrive in the country.

Spread across 32 hectares near Amsterdam, Holland, are more than 7 million tulip bulbs from more than 800 different species. You can stroll through the fields, which feature many fantastic photo opportunities. Keukenhof tickets 2020 are on sale, and you will not want to wait to get your tickets to see this tulip garden. Each year, a tulip festival occurs in the spring. Then, in addition to visiting the tulip garden, you can visit other gardens and see a fantastic collection of artworks. The best time to visit this garden is in April.

United States Botanic Garden
It is the mission of this eight-part garden to act as a museum to all the plants that are important in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States. Spend time exploring the beauty of the Rose Garden, relax in the First Ladies Water Garden, and stroll through the Regional Garden. You may also enjoy watching entertainment in the amphitheater. The best time to visit this garden is in May.

Home to more than 6,600 Icelandic and Artic Circle plants, the Lystigardurinn's growing season is short but includes days that have more than 20 hours of sunshine. Spend your time wandering along the paths in this small garden, and you will discover a variety of plants carefully collected from high mountain climates around the world along with architectural features, like an arched bridge. The best time to visit this garden is in June.

Sarius Palmetum Botanical Garden
You can see over 450 species of palm trees when you visit the Sarius Palmetum Botanical Garden. This garden also features many other plants along with a great grassy hill to climb. You can relax to the sound of the water running through the river that runs throughout this garden. Watch the monkeys swinging from the vines while sitting on the beautiful rock formations. The best time to visit this Nigerian garden is in July.

Aswan Botanical Garden
If you are a romantic at heart, then you will love going to Aswan Botanical Garden as it is only accessible by wooden sailing boats or a strenuous hike. The government started this garden in the 1800s as a gift to Lord Kitchener, who was the Consul-General in Egypt. Once in the garden, you can see many beautiful trees, including the kapok tree, which is one of the most towering trees in West Africa. The best time to visit is in August when you can see a wide variety of birds and butterflies playing among the plants.

Aburi Botanical Gardens
When you arrive at the Aburi Botanical Gardens in Ghana, a row of stately palm trees that have been proudly growing for many years greets you. Stroll between them until you reach the sleeping palm tree as it is an excellent photo opportunity. Then, head over to see the strangling ficus. Birds spread the seeds to start this plant. These plants spend the first part of their lives in the air as it is nature's way of providing them enough light in thick forests to survive. Then, they start growing downward. In the beginning, they may help the tree withstand storms better, but in the end, they will engulf the tree causing it to die. Other places in the garden, you will find flowers planted by influential people, including Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles. The best time to visit this garden is in September.

Singapore Botanic Garden
For more than 160 years, people have been visiting the Singapore Botanic Garden featuring the world's most extensive collection of orchids. You can see over 1,000 species and 2,000 hybrid orchid plants at the National Conservatory located within this garden. You will also want to visit the ginger garden where you can see over 800 species of ginger growing. Bring along your children as they will have a great time in the children's garden. The best time to visit this garden is during its October festival.

Hunte's Gardens
December is a wonderful time for a getaway at Hunte's Garden in Barbados. Next to the 100-year-old plantation buildings, you can see a variety of Caribbean plants growing. As you wander along the leaf-imprinted stepping stones, you can see one of the largest collections of plant species in the world growing under a canopy of royal palm trees. You are invited to sit for a while on antique stone benches and watch the monkeys play and listen to the birds sing.

With so many wonderful gardens to visit, you can easily see one each month all year long. For more gardens in de Africa, visit this blog.

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