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20.10.2019 Lifestyle

Self love is the antidote to pain

Love yourself and the hurts slowly heal
Self love is the antidote to pain
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Dear teenage me,

This is the first time I'm speaking to you candidly and honestly. It's taken me years. Years to accept that I'm the only one who can change how you feel about the past. A past that hurt you so deeply, that choked your growth. Though some of the instances may seem trivial to some. They hurt me and you for a long time so they matter. We should have never tried to trivialise anything.

So what do I want to tell you. The first thing is that you're enough. I know you've felt you've had to find ways to affirm that for so long. However, all you have to do is tell yourself you're enough and accept it. There's nothing more to do.

The next thing I want to tell you is you are beautiful. That's it. Don't try to prove it to yourself. Regardless of what they said about you being ugly it doesn't hamper the truth. You are absolutely beautiful.

You are strong, resilient and determined. It takes a treamondous amount of courage to stand alone and still believe in yourself. To stand alone on your own two feet and achieve your goals. Even though you constantly heard you will become nothing.

You are confident whether you feel it or not. You manage to still believe you deserve the best life has to offer and can get it being yourself. Despite others making you feel so small.

You are quirky, it's beautiful to be the only rose among weeds. You'll learn that being different and marching to the beat of your own drum means you value yourself more than peer pressure, and other people cannot control you. An example of how powerful you are.

You are sensitive and you are good. Even at your young age when your peers are exploring the extent they can get away with malice. You already do unto others as you will like them to do unto you. Congratulations, you are also vulnerable, able to be hurt by what should hurt you and enjoy what you should. You notice what is toxic and unacceptable and you are able to voice out your pain. You are also able to be in touch with yourself. Not many adults have this power.

You are a spectacular wonder and I am proud to be born out of you. Now, everyday I'm learning to tell our adult self all the things I should have told you. Slowly all our hate, negativity, heartache and pain born out of the hurt of our childhood, and the negative things said and done seem trivial. It seems loving ourself unflinchinly, with no doubt, was the antidote.

Akosua Tuntum Nahana
Akosua Tuntum Nahana

News ContributorPage: TuntumNahanaAkosua

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