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Be Patient To Work On Your Dream

By Robert Kampi Laari
Be Patient To Work On Your Dream
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It is not easy waiting to see your God-inspired dream come to pass especially in times where it appears everything is delaying.

Yes, it is very hard to still believe you will make it when everything around you looks hopeless.

You will always see your friends and family progressing and it will occur to you your dreams are impossible. In the midst of the chaos, you will see others are marrying, giving birth, buying cars, going to school, starting businesses or even traveling abroad.

It's easy to beat your chest and say it's not possible to achieve your dream because others are doing more than you.

But let me tell you, it took God seven days to create the earth and the heavens and on each day He did create something. There is time for everything and that includes the time for you to achieve your dream. There will be time for you to sow bitterly and time for you to reap joyfully.

I know how it can be so hard to come to the conclusion that all is lost and that you won't make it great in life. Don't be too fast to conclude, you are going to make it. Just relax and allow time to take its course.

Others have made it, that's their time. Your time will come too. Just don't panic at all.

I know you will shine. You will lift many along when you are soaring to the top. Just have the belief and courage that no matter what you are making it. Don't stop dreaming and believing in yourself and in God.

I believe in you. Avoid shortcuts! Don't go ahead of God because you feel He has delayed or forgotten about your dream. Keep your eyes on Him and work hard. I know you will shine and make it so big.

See You At The Top

Kampi Laari Robert

(Author, Motivational Speaker, Life Coach & Founder, Dream Big Foundation)

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