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29.07.2019 Lifestyle

Surviving Away From Home - 10 Amazing experiences Scholars stand to benefit

By Lawrence Larweh
Surviving Away From Home - 10 Amazing experiences Scholars stand to benefit
LISTEN JUL 29, 2019

Every now and again young people leave the security and guidance of their homes in pursuit of educational goals and occupational dreams. In the process many face challenges that naturally might be difficult to overcome. Surviving away from home is a complex skill and none of us have done it without errors.

So, whether you are a Parent, Mentor or a Student, here are 10 reasons you should have an interest in The HuD Group's Junior Scholars Mentoring Program (JSMP):

1. Professionals Speed Mentoring:
Scholars will get to interact directly with young mentors from over 10 different professional backgrounds.

2. Personal Mission Statement:
Scholars will be led to discover and clearly write down their unique purpose on earth.

3. Character Development:
Shaped habits, self-awareness and pruned practices that would enhance personal, academic and professional productivity of Scholars.

4. Snack Networking and Community Building
The daily snack networking time with purpose-minded peers, and close engagement with seasoned mentors will provide opportunity for Scholars to build a relevant community to support them along their journey.

🎙 5. Public Speaking Skills
Scholars will complete the camp with the ability to make corporate presentations and speak confidently in public.

🤔 6. Decision Making & Problem Solving skills
Every new stage comes with important decisions to make, and problems to solve. Scholars will be equipped with critical thinking skills and guided on how to make prudent choices.

7. Personality/Temperament Test
By discovering their own unique personality traits, scholars will learn to work on their weaknesses and better appreciate their interactions with people with different traits.

🕒 8. Time Management
Scholars will be guided through series of practical steps on how to manage their time with effective planning tools for academic and career success.

📱 🌐 9. Social Media Watch
Mentors will guide Scholars on how to leverage social media positively to building strategic networks and influence.

🎈10. Fun Learning Activities
Educative fun activities are used to help scholars acquire team building skills and break the ice of shyness.

The JSMP is a 4day educational mentoring boot-camp for pre-tertiary and pre-SHS students, happening at the University of Ghana. See more: