The Soul: its nature and its relationship with God

By Joseph Costa
The Soul: its nature and its relationship with God
18.06.2019 LISTEN

In the time of Jesus' three years' evangelisation on earth, He and His 12 apostles were temporarily in the home of a good, holy, faithful Israelite called Ananias - a hard-working farmer.

During the course of his conversation with Jesus, Ananias asked Him:

"Why is man wicked?"

Jesus replied:

"Because he has killed his spirit [= damned his soul through mortal sin]. And with his spirit his capability to feel remorse for being unjust."

One kills one's spirit - one's soul - by disobeying any one of the Ten Commandments of the true only God, the God of the Bible, thereby obeying the commandments of Satan: the eternal slithering slimy Snake, who often cloaks himself in goodness and holiness and kindness - and pious talk - in order to lead souls into damnation, into hell-fire without end. And Satan is very good at it, having practised, having refined, his techniques and tricks and snares over the centuries. He has many, many willing helpers on planet earth, in all societies, in all stratas, everywhere: filthy devil-men. Some of these are even in the church I usually go to: fake Christians.

Jesus tells us, that:

"... kindness is always Satan's disguise when he presents himself."

[Paedophiles and pederasts use this ruse on their prey.]


"The two most common means adopted by Satan to conquer [to damn] souls are sensuality [carnal lust, sex] and gluttony. He [Satan] always starts from the material things. Once he has dismantled and subdued the material side, he attacks the spiritual side."


"It is useless to debate with Satan. He would win, because he is strong in his dialectics [= debating skills]. Only God can beat him. And so you must have recourse to God, that He may speak for you, through you. You must show Satan that Name and that Sign, not so much written on paper or engraved on wood, but written and engraved in your hearts. My Name, My Sign [Jesus Christ, Cross]. You should answer back to Satan, using the word of God, only when he insinuates that he is like God. He cannot bear that."

In his numerous temptations of Jesus in the desert, Satan finally got on his knees and pitifully implored, begged, cajoled Jesus to adore him, Satan, as god for just an instant so that he could savour the feeling of being god. In a demeanour of utmost severity, Jesus responded, got rid of Satan the Snake, using these 'Words of God:'

"Be off, Satan. It is written: 'You must worship the Lord your God, and serve Him alone'."

And Satan quickly fled in fear, disappearing with a "cursing yell." Satan well knew that he would have been punished, had he not obeyed Jesus, God, and departed.

So, exactly what is the soul, that's a spirit? And where does it come from?

Essentially, there are two main characteristics of the soul of a man, namely, its nature and its relationship with God.

A discussion of these two main characteristics of the soul follows, as well as a discussion of some incidentals, of how God 'creates souls of different tendency.' Also discussed is the error and offence of so-called reincarnation as well as the reason why some of 'the good die young.'

The two only exceptions to all this, are, of course, the soul of Virgin Mary, and Jesus'.

The soul of Virgin Mary was created immaculate, pure, without Original Sin by the Most Holy Trinity jointly... 'begotten' from 'everlasting.'

When on earth, explaining his own soul, Jesus once said to His listeners:

"In My Body I have the divine Spirit [= God the Holy Spirit] that was not created, but was generated by the Father through exuberance of Love. And I have the soul created for Me by the Father as I am, now, the Man. A perfect soul as befits the Man God."

Again when on earth, Jesus once said to His listeners:

"I want to be called the Son of Man because I lower Myself taking upon Myself all the miseries of man [via having acquired a human nature, as a Man, in addition to retaining His divine nature, as God], to bear them [miseries, sufferings] as My first scaffold..."


Jesus tells us, that "... the price and the value of a soul is such that the treasures of the earth do not suffice to buy it."

The soul is a particle of God, Who's Infinite.

Most Holy Virgin Mary tells us, that:

"... each divine gift is a great beatitude, but also a great obligation. And God does not force any man to accept His gifts, but He asks man and if the latter replies: 'No' to the spiritual voice speaking to him, God does not force him. Every soul is interrogated by God at least once in its lifetime..."

And Jesus tells us, that:

"The soul, that is the vineyard, has a voice and makes the free will [makes the free mind of the body] hear it."

Some satanic psychiatrists reckon, hopelessly erroneously, that hearing such a 'voice' constitutes mental illness. Psychiatry is fake science - it's no science at all. It's all full of subjective opinions, unmitigated opinions passing off as 'learned.' As learned trash!!

Jesus, true God and true Man, pursuant to the Gospel that He dictated to holy mystic and 'victim soul,' Maria Valtorta - the "pen of Jesus:"

Jesus Christ explains the nature of soul, thus:

"... [the soul] is the thing that distinguishes the animal-man from the animal brute, comes from God. He creates it [soul] as and when a man is procreated, or rather: when he is conceived in the womb and He [God] infuses it in the body which otherwise would be only animal."


"... every man is born with the same natural and supernatural things: a body, a soul. And while the body, being generated by men, may be more or less robust and healthy at birth, the soul, created by God, is the same for everybody, endowed by God with the same properties and gifts.


"... it [soul] is eternal. That is why it remembers God. It remembers the God Who created it."

[It is God the Father who creates souls, whom He calls: 'His daughters.']

"... man can remember, although he is born once only. He remembers with his better part: his soul. Where do souls come from? The soul of each man? From God. Who is God? The most intelligent, powerful, perfect Spirit. This wonderful thing which is a soul, a thing created by God to give man His image and likeness as an unquestionable sign of His Most Holy Paternity, shows signs of the qualities characteristic of Him Who creates it.

"It [soul] is therefore intelligent, spiritual, free, immortal, like [God] the Father Who created it. It [soul] is perfect when it originates from the divine thought and in the instant of its creation it is identical, for a thousandth of an instant, with the soul of the first man [primogenitor Adam]: a perfection which understands the Truth through free gift. A thousandth of an instant. Then, once it is formed, it is stained by Original Sin. To make it clearer to you I will say as if God was pregnant with the soul which He creates and the creature, in being born, were wounded by an indelible mark."


"A soul becomes thus incarnate in a human body, bringing with it the memory of the Creator, that is of the Truth, as a secret gem in the mystery of its spiritual being.

"A baby is born. It may become good, very good or wicked. It may become anything because it is endowed with free will. The angelical ministry [Guardian Angel] throws light on its 'memories' and the tempter [devil] darkness.

"If man craves after light and thus for a greater and greater virtue, making his soul the master of his being [of his person], the faculty of remembering increases in the soul, as if virtue made the wall interposed between soul and God thinner and thinner. That is why virtuous people in every country perceive the Truth, not in a perfect way, as they are dulled by contrasting doctrines or by lethal ignorance, but in a sufficient manner to give pages of moral perfection to the peoples to whom they belong. Have you understood?"

[At this point, the 'you' refers to Syntyche. Very briefly, she was a highly educated, intelligent Greek woman and run-away slave whom Jesus protected. She knew some of the Greek classics, but was new to Christianity. Some time after the Ascension of Jesus into Heaven, she returned back to her native Greece, and she might be the 'Syntyche' that saint Paul encountered there. {Philippians 4.2-3} It was both she, and Felix - a repentant sinner (wholly forgiven by Jesus) and an ex-school teacher - who founded the Christian community at Antioch circa 32 A.D. Felix died before Jesus.]

[Syntyche replied:] "Yes. In conclusion, the religion of virtue practised heroically predisposes the soul to the true Religion [= Christianity] and to the knowledge of God [of the God of the Bible]."


"A soul knows, at least vaguely, how much time it has been given [to live on earth]. No time, as compared to eternity. And the soul spurs the whole ego [= the human flesh and mind] to act. But, the poor soul! How often it is overwhelmed, trodden upon, gagged, in order not to hear its words!"

Jesus adds further, that:

"A soul is naturally inclined to worship, because it remembers Heaven."

And Jesus also tells us, that:

"The most beautiful Cathedral [= His real Church] is that of your [men's] souls inhabited by God." [John 14.22-24, I Corinthians 1.2]

Those filthy devil-men who pillage and plunder and destroy 'bricks and mortar' churches, pillage and plunder and destroy only 'bricks and mortar' churches, but can never, never, never ever destroy Jesus' 'most beautiful Cathedral' - His real Church, i.e. all those who are in a state of Grace.

The soul always longs to return to its Origin: God, Whom it always remembers, never forgets. Many souls never return There, and instead take a lethal plunge into the Abyss, into damnation in Hell... through the flesh having committing a mortal sin by infringing the Ten Commandments. It's obvious, then, why Jesus calls a man who damns his own soul eternally in Hell... a deicide - a killer of one's soul, which is a particle of God.

Earthly death occurs when the soul separates itself from the body. A man pronounced as being 'brain dead,' does not necessarily mean that his soul had separated itself from the body, and so such a man is still alive... not dead.

But worse: According to recent revelations [2019] by a renowned neurologist, comatose "brain dead" is a myth that was invented in the 1960s-1080s without any "preliminary scientific research." Cui bono? Those who want to get easy, uncontrolled access to the comatose patient and sell his body parts for profit... a satanic act of cruelty!!

But it's not death when the 'better part of the soul,' that Jesus calls, the 'soul of the soul,' temporarily separates itself from the soul/body and then returns back to its host: to the soul/body - the so called, 'out-of-body experiences,' a nomenclature that some people have given to this phenomenon.

I recall, long ago, of one person who had some such 'out-of-body experiences,' but at the time I lacked the knowledge necessary to be able to understand this phenomenon. And neither did that particular person himself understand, except that he feared, or felt concerned or other, whenever he had such 'out-of-body experiences.'


The Holy Bible does indeed explain the relationship between the soul and God, except that only very few people can understand it.

That relationship is explained in the Book of the "Song of Songs," that's in the Holy Bible. There's so much in the Holy Bible that people cannot understand, or understand poorly at best. Everything in the Holy Bible has a supernatural meaning or lesson.

Jesus explains to us, that:

"The Song, which conceals the loving relations between God and the Church and between God and souls, is not understood by the learned."


And "the loving relationship between God and the soul," is a spiritual supernatural marriage - "the holy marriage of the soul with its God!"

Jesus, true God and true Man, pursuant to the Gospel that He dictated to holy mystic and 'victim soul,' Maria Valtorta - the "pen of Jesus:"

Jesus Christ explains further, thus:

"The secret of the soul that does not want to lose its Love - God - must be... to remain ever fixed upon God with the faculties of its soul.

"Whatever you [men] do, manage to keep your spirits [souls] fixed upon Me [Jesus]. In this way you will sanctify every action of yours, making it pleasing to God and supernaturally useful to you. Everything is prayer for the one who is able to remain in God, for union is nothing but love, and love transforms even the humblest actions of human life [e.g. a wife washing her husband's smelly socks, cleaning the home toilet bowl, changing a baby's nappy] into acts of adoration agreeable to the Lord.

"I tell you in truth that, between those remaining many hours in church to repeat words from which your souls are absent [i.e. day dreaming] and those remaining in their homes, in their offices, in their businesses, at their jobs, loving Me and their neighbour for My sake, remaining united to Me, the latter pray and are blessed by Me, while the former do nothing but perform a hypocritical practice which I condemn and disdain.

"When the soul has been able to reach this loving knowledge of succeeding in remaining fixed in Me with its faculties, it produces continual acts of love. Even in material sleep it loves Me, for the flesh falls asleep and awakens with My Name and the thought of Me present, and while the body rests, the soul goes on loving [= praying].

"Oh, the holy marriage of the soul with its God! A spiritual tie which the human eye does not see, but, if it could see it, it would see a circle of fire surrounding God and the creature, and as God's rejoicing increases, the creature's glory increases, a holy circle which in Heaven will be a nimbus [cloud of glory, halo] on your glorified brows.

"The soul, obstructed as it is in the flesh [while still alive on earth], sometimes undergoes the weariness of the flesh as a recoil. The temptations of Satan, more or less serious faults - I am not speaking about mortal sin, which violently separates the soul from its God, but about the slighter sins which, no matter how slight, result in spiritual fatigue - disappointments, sorrows, and life events, along with other causes, provoke weariness in the souls of those who are less formed in the life of the spirit [i.e. in those who are not very holy].

"But you must react to it. It is like one of those physical languors [laziness, lack of interest] which precede the consummation of the flesh. Woe if it [i.e. one of those physical languors] is not combated at the outset! But woe three times over if the languors of the spirit are not combated which lead to spiritual somnolence and, slowly, to the death of the soul [= damnation in Hell].

"God does not love the lazy. He does not love those who prefer their comforts to the good Lord. God punishes those who grow lukewarm. He withdraws [which constitutes a punishment].

"Your good God calls you to awaken, asks you to receive Him, shows Himself to be concerned in having sought you out, and requests your hearts to take refuge therein. Why don't you realise that the most beautiful tabernacle for your Lord is your heart? The good Lord tries everything to bring you out of spiritual slumber and spiritual laziness. He sometimes even tries to open the mysterious gates of the heart and seeks to enter. He then withdraws because He resorts to violence only rarely. He always leaves you free, even if leaving you free is painful for Him because He sees that you use freedom badly.

"Sometimes - indeed, almost always - the soul notices the coming of its God, feels His attempt at entering, and, since the soul remembers it has been created by God, it feels itself starting with sweetness.

"You [men] oppose the soul; you do not follow it in its desires, but it is averse to dying in you. It is the last to die; it dies after the mind has died and the heart has died of pride and lust; it dies only when you kill it [damn it by mortal sin] by taking away from it Light, Love, and Life - that is, God. But until it has died, it starts with joy and beats with love when God approaches it. Woe to those who do not want to second these movements of the soul. They are like patients who, by continual acts of imprudence and disobedience to the doctor, aggravate their illness more and more until making it fatal."

Jesus says above that "God does not love the lazy."

Yet there are some misguided people around - miscreants - who delight, who love, having the lazy choosing to be lazy, miscreants who have an innate proclivity to punish those who work and produce, and reward those who do not want to work but who nonetheless want to consume what others produce with work.

Those miscreants have absolutely no idea or understanding of, nor do they care about, the concept of what economists call: the incentive to work. Socialist governments, by and large, 'dis-incentivise' people to work, eventually run out of other people's money they've stolen to spend and waste - doing so with arrogance - and so collapse, as did the former U.S.S.R. and so many others besides.

Generally, it is in the nature of man that he will work long and hard if he truly believes that he will be able to keep the 'harvest of his work' - and so society thereby prospers - but not otherwise. Socialists and many like-minded politicians blatantly choose not to understand this fact, and so eventually come to grief... but only after having succeeded impoverishing the ordinary people in abject misery!!

It was saint Paul who said, that:

"... the man who refuses to work must be left to starve." (II Thessalonians 3.1-11)

Many, the smarties-by-half, refuse to work in a round about way, using various ruses, by imposing themselves, by deliberately placing themselves in conditions to force Christians to be charitable. Whether that charity should be rather austere, i.e. just "a roof, a garment, a loaf of bread," or something much more extravagant, I will never know.

Jesus also says above, that: "Whatever you do, manage to keep your spirits [souls] fixed upon Me."

The role of daily Christian prayer, which includes especially contemplation, becomes immediately obvious in this regard, as a strong aid in keeping our minds, hearts, and souls focused solely on Jesus: God. Prayer also douses our proclivity to sin, due to the scar of Original Sin. Baptism cancels Original Sin, sure, but the scar remains, ever ready to flare up and inflame us to sin.

"Prayer is the elevation of the soul to God. It is thus the soul's thought for Him whom it loves," said Jesus.

A damned priest in Hell, Verdi Garandieu, a human demon, through his possessed earthly victim, once confessed that, had he kept up with his daily prays, with his breviary [= set prayers that priests should recite daily], which he had abandoned, his own guardian angel would have been able to help him abandon sin and steer him back to holiness and to God, rather than sliding more and more into depravity and eventually down into the Abyss.

Yep... Verdi Garandieu too went to Hell using the same wide, seemingly beautiful, delightful, royal road that most people use to go there - sins of the flesh. Some sinners, these days, even parade their sins in public, as a kind of 'badge of honour,' but really in effect as a contempt for God. The traditional sense of feeling ashamed for sinning seems to be dying out.

Jesus says that:

"In fact cruel people perish through their own cruelty. They perish in their own bodies and in their own souls. I do not love cruel people. I do not love proud people. I do not love wrathful, greedy, lustful people." [Psalms 5.1-6]

"... lust, the attribute of man poisoned by Satan."

Priest in Hell, Verdi Garandieu, was lustful. He loved his flings, as Judas Iscariot did before him, and as many others before and after them.

"Forever and ever," says Jesus in severity: "the impenitent debauched person has a soul worthy of Satan."

At this juncture, it comes to mind, that some clerics and others are wont in saying that God loves the sinner but hates the sin. I cannot recall this saying being written in the Holy Bible, at least not in the Christian Holy Bible I use. But I think, that such a saying seems to suck up to the sinner, thereby watering down his true depravity. It is sinners, people, who go to Hell, not sins.

To obey the Ten Commandments means one goes to Heaven; to disobey any one of them, means one goes to Hell.

The current putsch by some people - rebels, heretics, counter-culture fanatics - using, or promoting the use of, so-called 'inclusive language,' that constitutes demonic subtleness par excellence, is clearly a rebellion, a futile rebellion at best, not only against Creation by negating God's creation of only two genders - male and female: of man and woman - but also against the Ten Commandments that explicitly mention 'Lord' and 'father' and 'mother' and 'wife.' And in the Most Holy Trinity, we also have the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit: God, One and Three.

Those who are subscribing in any way to so-called 'inclusive language' then, are merely kicking fast and furious against thorns, risking eternal damnation in Hell, where Rebel One, Satan, awaits them with impatience.

Good and evil are eternally separate, not inclusive. Heaven and Hell are eternally separate, not inclusive. God and Satan are eternally separate, not inclusive; and the followers of each are separate, not inclusive. 'Inclusiveness,' as practiced today, is just another one of Satan's many snares, to trip men into Hell. It only takes one bad apple - within inclusiveness - to spoil the whole barrel... so goes the old saying. And here I am reminded, that God, Who's never wrong, once consented to Abraham expelling his own first-born son, Ishmael... by sending him and his mother, Hagar, away.

Today's "... pagan world, with its new paganism, is even more atrocious [than in the past] because it is more demonically subtle..."

For example, most movies and television shows are at the forefront at making sinning and Satan and counter-culture seem glamorous, acceptable as a culture. One day, the authors and the participants of those movies and shows will face divine justice - and that means punishment!!

Satanism, though, is advancing on all fronts, even in some Christian churches: in disgraceful Judas Iscariot churches!!

Saint Paul exhorts us, to:

"Give a public rebuke to those who are living amiss, and thus put fear into the rest." (I Timothy 5.20)

Unknowingly pre-concurring with all this, but used in a totally different context, a courageous devout Christian once warned, a warning that was, is love, that:

"... drunks, homosexuals, adulterers, liars, fornicators, thieves, atheists and idolaters" will go to Hell unless they repented.

And they must also humbly ask Jesus for forgiveness. Jesus is always ready, willing, and able to forgive a genuinely repentant sinner.

At the time, the silence of most of the chicken-little - the political and ecclesiastical classes - was 'deafening.' Maybe they got snared in the 'drag-net.' Or perhaps, they did not want to know that they were headed for Hell if they did not repent, emend their way of living, and ask Jesus for forgiveness.

Sadly, satanism is advancing...


God knows that countries, societies, need people with differing skills. And so the souls that God the Father creates, are created having a tendency in meeting a society's necessities.

But man rebels, and countermands this. It seems, for example, as if everyone wants to be a rocket scientist, with no one left around to collect and dispose of the garbage - an indispensable task in today's societies. This constitutes a failure in a country's education system (many of which have forgotten that education is really about learning and knowledge and testing, and not about having a good time or going on constructive holidays). In economic theory, price resolves this problem, that's a disequilibrium. But professional, trade, and business cartels corrode both the role of price and free-market economies. Debt addicted governments make the matter even worse.

Jesus, true God and true Man, pursuant to the Gospel that He dictated to holy mystic and 'victim soul,' Maria Valtorta - the "pen of Jesus:"

Jesus Christ explains further, thus:

"Consider, O men, the result if sheep no longer provided wool, cows milk, plants fruit, and so on. And yet if animals, plants, and stars followed your example, chaos would bring you to perish in inconceivable horror, now that everything, except you, proceeds in the order received from God.

"The Creator, as He provides for this, provides the order in regard to humanity. His most Holy Mind considers that for the good of the earth so many thinkers, so many scientists, so many warriors, and so many workers are needed, and, as regards temperaments, so many bold ones, so many meek ones, so many active ones, so many contemplatives, and so on.

"Souls cease to animate a body and return to God to be destined [i.e. whether souls go to Heaven or Hell] according to their merits. God creates new souls to maintain the number of creatures who must populate the earth. The first operations involves divine order. The second is to create, according to the needs He sees, one particular category as more numerous than another, so that everything will be harmonious in the [human] race and each will serve the other, as the teeth in a gear serve the teeth next to it, causing a giant machine to move without friction or damage.

"This is what God does. And if you [men] obeyed in this way, everything would go forward. But you rebel.

"Who among you is happy with his destiny? No one. At least very few. Always restless, dominated by passions, forgetful of God, or very lukewarm in fervour, you thus follow voices of disorder and create disorder.

"The first point resides in your rebellion against the divine Law, which says to you, 'Love and respect God; serve Him alone...'." [= Commandments 1-3 of the Ten Commandments.]


"Different categories. I have already explained [see above] that God with His thought creates souls of different tendency, so that the Earth may enjoy a just balance in all its inferior and superior necessities. If the rebellion of man upsets that balance, as he always wants to go against the divine Will, Which guides him lovingly along the just way, it is not God's fault. Men, perpetually dissatisfied with their situation, invade or upset other people's estates, either by means of true and proper abuse of power, or by attempts at such abuse.

[Observe today's mass disorder, of mass immigration of people around the world - mostly wanted by the political class, mostly in the pockets of interest groups, but mostly unwanted or unwelcomed by the ordinary people of recipient countries.]

"What are world wars, family feuds, professional warfare, but such active abuse? What are social revolutions, what are the doctrines that clothe themselves with the name 'social,' but in actual fact are nothing but arrogance and the very opposite of charity, because they neither want nor practise the justice they preach, on the contrary they overflow with outbreaks of violence, which do not relieve oppressed people, but increase their numbers to the advantage of the few arrogant fellows?"


Jesus, true God and true Man, pursuant to the Gospel that He dictated to holy mystic and 'victim soul,' Maria Valtorta - the "pen of Jesus:"

Jesus Christ debunks reincarnation, thus:

"Souls, when they end their stay on the Earth, do not come back to it again in any body. Not in the body of an animal, as it would not befit such a supernatural being [= a particle of God] to dwell in a brute. Not in the body of a man, because how could the body be rewarded when it is reunited to the soul in the Last Judgement, if that soul had been clothed with many bodies?

"Those who believe in that theory [of reincarnation] say that it is the last body that rejoices, because the soul through successive purifications, in successive lives, reaches the perfection deserving a reward only in the last reincarnation. An error and an offence! Error and offence against God, as it admits that God was able to create only a limited number of souls. Error and offence against man, as it considers him so corrupt that he deserves a reward only with great difficulty. The reward may not be granted at once, ninety-nine times in a hundred a purification [in Purgatory] will be required in life to come [i.e. after earthly death].

"But purification is preparation to joy [in Heaven]. So he who is being purified is already saved. And once he is saved he will rejoice, after Doomsday, with his body. He will have only one body for his soul, as he had one life here [on earth], and with the body that his parents made for him, and with the soul that the Creator [God the Father] created for him to give life to the body, he will take delight in the reward. It is not possible to be reincarnated, as it is not possible to go back in time.

"But it is possible to be re-created through one's free will, and God blesses and assists such will. Each of you has had that will.

"And then man, who was sinful, vicious, filthy, delinquent, thieving, corrupt, corrupting, murderous, impious, adulterous, revives spirituality through the purification of repentance, he destroys the corrupt kernel of the old man, he dispels the mental ego which is even more corrupt, as if the will to be redeemed were an acid that attacks and destroys the unwholesome case concealing a treasure, and after laying bare his spirit, purifying it and restoring it to health, he clothes it with a new mentality, with a new, pure, good juvenile garment.

"Oh! a garment that can go close to God, that can worthily cover the recreated soul, protect and assist it until its super creation, that is its complete holiness, that in future - perhaps a remote future if measured with human mind and means; very close if contemplated with the thought of eternity - will be glorious in the Kingdom of God. And every man can, if he so wishes, recreate in himself the boy of his childhood, the loving, humble, sincere, kind boy, whom the mother used to press to her breast and the father looked at glorying, whom the angel of God loved and God admired love."

But Jesus says severely:

"For damned souls [in Hell] no further changes are possible. They are judged for ever."


There's an old axiom that says, that 'the good die young.'

Jesus, true God and true Man, pursuant to the Gospel that He dictated to holy mystic and 'victim soul,' Maria Valtorta - the "pen of Jesus:

Jesus explains why some, but not all, of the good die young, thus:

[Here, Jesus speaks to a boy about 12-17 years old - Marjiam - the adopted son of saint Peter, the first Pope, who was childless. Prior to being adopted, Marjiam's father and mother had died, and had no other relatives other than his grandfather, who had very limited means and was under harsh bondage (to a pharisee, if I recall correctly).]

"Souls are like birds, enclosed in the cages of bodies. The earth is the place where they are brought with their cages. But they yearn for the freedom of Heaven; for the Sun which is God; for Nourishment suitable to them, which is the contemplation of God. No human love, not even the holy love of a mother for her children or of children for their mother, is so strong as to suffocate such yearning of souls to be rejoined to their Origin, which is God.

"Likewise God, because of His perfect love for us, finds no reason so strong as to exceed His desire to be rejoined to the soul longing for Him.

"What happens then? Sometimes He [God] loves it so much that He says to it: 'Come! I will free you.' And He says so even if there are some children around a mother. He sees everything. He knows everything. What He does, He does well.

"When He [God] frees a soul - the limited intelligence of men may not think so, but it is true - when He frees a soul, He always does it for a greater welfare of the soul itself and of its relatives. As I have already told you, He then adds to the ministry of the guardian angel the ministry of the soul which he has called to Himself, and which loves its relatives with a love free from human burdens, because it loves them in God. When He [God] frees a soul, He binds Himself to take its place in taking care of the survivors."

Jesus cautions us:

"Be careful, because the soul can die [can become damned through mortal sin] before the body and you [a man] may unknowingly carry around a putrid soul. The dying of a soul is so imperceptible! Like the death of a flower. Not a cry, not a convulsion... it inclines its flame like a tired corolla, and goes out. Later, sometimes after a long time, sometimes immediately after, the body realises it is carrying a verminous corpse within itself, it becomes mad with fear and commits suicide to avoid such union... Oh! it does not avoid it! [Because then] It falls on to a swarm of snakes in Gehenna [in Hell] with its very verminous soul."

It's obvious, then, that many people commit suicide, not because of any so-called mental illness, but because they are in damnable sin - a lethal spiritual disease. The solution, though, is quite simple, effective, and costless. It lies, not in a bag of pills prescribed by a satanic psychiatrist spewing junk subjective opinions, but in genuine repentance, ceasing sinning, and asking Jesus for forgiveness. I don't think that there's a psychiatrist around who doesn't think that everyone has a mental illness.

Jesus also tells us, that:

"Too many souls [men] no longer have a nest in faith simply because they are not aware, they do not know Me [Jesus]. The poor recollection of a God-Man [= Jesus of Nazareth] dying on a Cross is not knowledge of Me. Knowledge of Me is to know all the forms of Christ's evangelisation, of Christ's sacrifice, of the love of Christ, Man and God."

Gaining "knowledge of God is love of God." And it's prayer.

Jesus, through His Dictations to Maria Valtorta, has given us a lot of knowledge about Himself, His earthly life, the forms of His evangelisation, and about the 'love of Christ, Man and God.'

Many, but not all, of the Christian clergy have rejected this knowledge of Jesus, arrogantly rejecting, cloaked with delusions of superiority, what they don't know or cannot understand. Or perhaps rejecting what they don't want to know or understand - as also did so, 'stubborn against reason,' their ancient predecessors: the scribes, the pharisees, and the chief priests. Maybe those who have already died, changed their minds immediately they landed in Hell.

The risk here, of course, is 'sinning against the Holy Spirit.' One sins against the Holy Spirit by negating the known Truth.

Sweet loving Jesus Christ continues to be, now and in eternity, true God and true Man. Tough... if some people don't believe this!!! The Truths, though, remain steadfast, tall, unbent.

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit.

Mary, Help of Christians, pray for us.

The foregoing is pursuant to the Gospel that Jesus dictated to Maria Valtorta, the Bible, and my analysis.

With kind regards.

Joseph Costa


Jesus, true God and true Man, pursuant to the Gospel that He dictated to holy mystic and 'victim soul,' Maria Valtorta - the "pen of Jesus:"

Jesus Christ elaborates further on the nature of soul, thus:

"Your [man's] thought! Intelligence is what makes you resemble God, for in intelligence there is memory, intellect, and will, as there is a likeness in the spirit [soul] because it is spiritual, free, and immortal.

"Your [man's] thought, to be capable of remembering, understanding, and willing what is good, must be nourished by My doctrine [by the Gospel - Christianity]. It reminds you of the benefits and works of God, who God is, and what is due [to] God. It brings you to comprehend good and distinguish it from evil. It brings you to want to do good. Without My doctrine [the Gospel - Christianity] you become the slaves of others which are called 'doctrines,' but are errors [= false religions]. And, like ships without a compass and rudder, you head for shipwreck. You depart from the routes. And how can you then say, 'God has abandoned me,' when it is you that have abandoned Him?"

Only God bestows true intelligence, as explained by Jesus above... when souls are created with certain tendencies. Artificial intelligence (AI), on the other hand, is just another enticing, marketing-focused term for a man-made computer program(s).

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