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14.06.2019 Lifestyle

Is It Allowed To Drive With Flip-Flops Sandals Or Barefoot?

By Francis Tawiah || Duisburg - Germany
Is It Allowed To Drive With Flip-Flops Sandals Or Barefoot?

Flip-flops sandals at the wheel: The Road Traffic Act makes no concrete specifications but the insurance providers do that.

Firm, warm shoes in the summer-a nightmare for many drivers: They sit behind the wheel with flip-flops, slippers or even barefoot. This can have very expensive consequences.

However, many drivers wear only flip-flops or without shoe on hot days. Is this allowed?

Although there is no general ban, go barefoot or flip-flops. What shoes are to be worn at the wheel, according to "the road traffic act" not mandatory. Nevertheless, experts advise against sandals and flip-flops - and for good reason.

Barefoot or with sandals, you can easily slip off the pedals in a dangerous situation, such as emergency braking. But you do not only risk your head and neck, but also your insurance cover.

In the event of an accident, complicity threatens

If it comes to the accident, namely threatened with complicity. Because you may have violated the duty of care when driving a motor vehicle.

The opposing insurance could demand a partial debt. And even more: your own insurance can even deny the comprehensive insurance.

These shoes are suitable for driving
In the summer hot days, you can wear something light, but firmly lockable shoes, which also provide enough grip, drive.

Also taboo at the wheel are high heels. Her high heels lead to a stretched foot position. And this allows the driver to put little or no pressure on the pedals.

In a dangerous situation this can end fatally. In addition, heel and out sole shoe have only a very small contact surface. As a result, the light shoes can slip away very quickly or get caught in the pedals.

Francis Tawiah (Duisburg - Germany)