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WordDigest: Hold On.. (2) You Will Make It

By Ebenezer Zor
WordDigest: Hold On.. (2) You Will Make It

"Through God we will have victory, For He will trample down our enemies." —

[ Psalm 60:12] Amplified Bible
We will continue with the series on 'Hold on' today. Previously we have established that when you hold on to Christ Jesus, change will come your way.

Holding on to a dream or goal comes with a price. The price you pay determines your prize.

From the scripture reading, the price to pay for our victory in all endeavors is to allow and believe God through His beloved Son, Christ Jesus securing victory from the hands of our enemies.

When Daniel was thrown into the Lions, he held on to God. Then God shut the mouth of the lions in the den and granted him (Daniel) victory too.

God would grant you victories over your enemies if you are willing to obey him to the latter.

No matter the number of years you have held on to God, you will win and make it in the Lord.

Holding to Christ Jesus in all things will make you win your battles.

You will win and make it with Christ on your side. Say to yourself 'I am a winner in the Lord".

God thank you for granting me victories over everything. I will win and make it in Jesus mighty name, Amen