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26.05.2019 Family & Parenting

Parents Should Listen To Their Children

By Charles Yeboah (Sir Lord)
Parents Should Listen To Their Children
LISTEN MAY 26, 2019

The Radio B A R 93.5MHz Children's Corner programme never ends but thrills listeners with drama and brilliant submissions from the kids.

That of this week's had not been exception, but would pain you as in a case of one losing a heavily invested jackpot.

I wondered throughout the programme from where these kids got their nursing tutorials. I wondered how Chatty, Anima, Doreen and other brilliant kids in there could educate listeners on good eating practices and go on to prescribe the best for their parents.

As a patron of the programme, and you who is reading this writeup, willing to contribute whatever means to promote and sustain the programme; you've not, or you'll not misplace your money should you drop it in the box when you enter your shop or where you buy from. The box, bespoke of the Children's Corner programme is beautifully designed with the pictures of the kids and that of the Radio B A R logo. It'll be placed in shops where gentlemen and ladies frequent. What you drop in qualifies you as a sponsor of this widely listened to programme.

Your ward who press on you to write his/her name in the Fan Club register in the days ahead would definitely have your endorsement due to what the programme promises its followers and patrons.

Agnes Boakyewaa Minta, host of the Children's Corner programme

This latest edition, the one that was chiefly dedicated to Healthy Living, the host of the programme Agnes Boakyewaa Minta sought the counseling of the kids to their parents. And as usual, they were on point.

Some advised parents to choose carefully what they eat because they are or become what they eat. And that 'they (parents) should take their food as medicine, or they in future take their medicine as food. Some advised parents against the eating of junk foods.

Anima, who always pose in styles for the cameras said: "parents should go for regular checkups."

Not only does the Children's Corner programme teaches good manners, everyday English, poetry recital and folklores; but the wisdom displayed this very Saturday, the 25th of May, 2019, is worthy of listening to. For if you missed it, it shouldn't be so next week.

I believe, as concur by Vasco the Wise, the Regent Duke of Goka: "should the Bono people, the Republic, and Africa at large makes this programme a priority and invest in it, the kids will in yonder be the pillars for the rebuilding of our fallen walls."

I am a lord in the Vasco the Wise's Court in the Goka Kingdom. As a consummate courtier, my presence is needed at any step and turn as we bid final farewell to our fallen great King, Twene Adu-Asare. But I've taken time out alongside some princes and princesses to listen to the programme, and we've not regretted our choice.

Sir Lord
Written by: Charles Yeboah (Sir Lord)
Contact: 0249542111
Email: [email protected]

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