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15.05.2019 Touch Of Thoughts

Don't Be A Jadckwoquealine

...bitter, fake friendly souls are cursed
Don't Be A Jadckwoquealine
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The writer is anonymous. The name of the villain hasn't been changed. The poem is brilliant.

Don't be a Jadckwoquealine
The name was Jadckwoquealine
Her real name means to overthrow
Take another's place.
She was born in Norway.
Her parents from Ghana
Bono Ahafo
This tribe holds some of my favourite people
Favourite people.
Not her though.
to study in U.K.
In 2013.
To rid herself of the darkness
She was
She was.
Fraudulent friend
Her success
She termed your downfall
Her aim in life to rid
You of joy
All joy.
Let us not forget her lies
Her many many lies
Of things that never happened
She formed as truth.
Who knows who she was
Who knows.
Studied Engineering
Until I met her friends from Bio chemistry.
Then she studied biochemistry
She hated happiness
It reminded her of her sadness
She wanted to be you
Human without lying.
Yet every friend
Who loved her
She could not love.
Any good thing she would curse
It was the
Lived inside her.
She could never be happy
For those who lived without
Her venom
So she looked to pretend
You were perfect
Find your weaknesses
Then destroy you
Under her cover of miss innocent.
Console yourself with the fact
She was never real.
Will she ever be ?
The devil is a liar
In her want to covert
To become what she is not
To destroy the joy of another.
A liar and sad one she will be.