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29.04.2019 Social Issues

Picture Your Way To Success

By The Passion Achievers
Picture Your Way To Success
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You must first clearly see a thing in your mind before you do it and do it very well.

Some years ago, artiste, Celine Dion was asked in a television interview, if she ever dreamt at the start of her career that someday she would sell millions of recordings and be on tour, singing in front of thousands of audience each week? She replied that none of these surprised her since she had pictured everything in her mind at age five.

She was not bragging during the interview because she has worked unbelievably hard to earn every bit of her success to make sure the picture she envisioned in her mind was materialized.

What she learned at an early age was her ability to tap into the power of holding a vivid and powerful image in her mind, that is, to picture the star she wanted to become.

Visualization, however, is not something reserved solely for artistes, like Celine Dion, athletes and movie stars. You also have the ability to visualize your way to success. In fact, it is something you have used since childhood to create the circumstance of your own life. Let me clarify what I mean by visualization. Visualization is often described as ‘’movie of the mind,’’ ‘’inner picture’’ or ‘’images.’’ We all store pictures in our minds about the type of relationship we deserve, the degree of success we’ll attain at work, the extent of our leadership abilities, the amount of money we’ll earn and accumulate in the years ahead, etc.

Therefore, let us all picture our way to success in this way and work hard in achieving it and I believe we will achieve it.

Thank you.

Written By: Adu, Charles Darko.

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