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Meet the new Paradoxical Writer

By McDaniel Nana Kwame
Meet the new Paradoxical Writer
LISTEN APR 28, 2019

Nana Adarkwa is an inspired, dexterous, professional, and a result-driven person specialised in Teaching and Art with backgrounds in English Language Education, Computer Systems, Help Desk and Administration. As a graduate in Bachelor of Education, he is matured and very responsible to approach any task that he undertakes.

He is excellent and competent of working individually and in teams and under pressure to achieve a specific goal on time. He is also skilled in drawing and writing articles, poems and stories.

Nana has a number of articles to his credit and notable among them are ‘My God’, ‘Virginity’, and ‘It’s Funny’.

He has a passion and great love for Jesus which also inpires him to write about Christ and Unity among religious denominations.

You can contact him through [email protected] .