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25.04.2019 Career & Money

Developing an Impactful Beauty Business

Staff Writer
LifeStyle Developing an Impactful Beauty Business

If you have a passion for all things related to skin and hair care, it's a great idea to start a beauty business. After all, the beauty industry is a billion dollar industry. It shows no signs of slowing down either. Instead of exploring the generic options that are sold by different vendors, it's a great idea to do your own product development in order to create your own signature. As you create your beauty business, there are plenty of components to consider. In fact, it's easy to get overwhelmed by all of the moving parts of entrepreneurship. However, if you narrow in your focus to what you need to take care of in order to succeed, you'll be in great shape. Consider the following areas you'll want to focus on first.

What's Your Business Plan?
While there are many entrepreneurs who became successful without a strategic business plan in place, it's always best to plan. In fact, it's often stated that if you fail to plan, you'll plan to fail. Think about what you want your business model to look like. Within the beauty industry, there are so many types of models. You can choose to sell a beauty box subscription once a month or once a quarter. You can opt to sell a line of vegan lipsticks. It's up to you.

What's Missing in the Marketplace?
The most successful entrepreneurs have a knack for solving problems. They're able to look at what's missing and fill the gap. Take a look at different niches within the industry to see how you can dominate. When you're able to dominate a niche and become the authority figure, you'll be able to blaze a trail. You'll become a linchpin, which is ideal for any professional. Even if the niche seems silly, there are probably millions of people who will be happy with what you provide. The plant-based community continues to grow by leaps and bounds. If you're able to provide a vegan option that works for any skin type, this might be a lucrative option to consider. There are many vegans who are more aware of what they put on their skin and the endocrine disrupters that are found in products.

What's Trending in the Marketplace?
While you want your brand to be timeless and long-lasting, it's also nice to take advantage of temporary trends. Alternatively, you don't want to focus solely on what's happening within the beauty industry. Take a look at the news and current events. Politics have a way of influencing every single business and industry. Be mindful of your marketing and messaging as it's a lot easier to get blackballed for promoting offensive messages. Learn more about what's happening within fashion. The beauty industry and the fashion industry definitely impact one another. In many cases, beauty and fashion tend to go together perfectly. Knowing this, it's always great to know what's on the runway for the next season. It's also wise to know what the Pantone color of the season is. You can use that color within your marketing and promotional efforts.

How Can You Impact the Marketplace?
Don't just go into business to make money. Think about how you can actively make the world a better place. Find initiatives and causes that you'd like to get behind. Develop a partnership with a local or global effort. Whether your company tackles the AIDS epidemic, homelessness or poverty, find a cause that will encourage and motivate your customers to make a difference where they are as well.

What's the Profit within the Marketplace?
Before you decide to launch into the deep end, take a look at what major beauty retailers are doing to earn profits. Do the research to find out what it takes to sell a product, maintain a company, pay for the resources and more. You'll want to make sure the employees are happy and accounted for. If your main revenue stream is the product you sell, you'll want to price it properly so that you and your employees can live to provide a great product to the marketplace.

Where Can You Develop Partnerships and Strong Collaborations?
When you're developing a beauty brand, you're not just talking about the ability to make extra money. In fact, you want to create a brand that outlives you. That's how legacies are created. In this case, you'll want to develop partnerships and collaborations with people who can include you in the conversation that's happening on a higher level. When major beauty brands are paying attention to what you're doing, they're going to want to know more about your process. Develop loyal partnerships with businesses at all levels. If you choose to sell a product that contains shea butter, see if it's possible to collaborate with a large producer of authentic African shea butter. First, it enhances the effectiveness of the product. You'll get to say that the shea butter is authentic. You'll also be able to send business overseas to impact the worlds of others for the better.