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Sharon N. Alenda is Taking Strides in Many Volumes for the Social Empowerment of Women

By Afro Central Women’s Development Team
Sharon N. Alenda is Taking Strides in Many Volumes for the Social Empowerment of Women
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Ms. Sharon N. Alenda is a beautiful Ghanaian descent of non-fiction Christian Author and business woman rightfully so. And yet she was recently awarded the role of a female pastor and or Reverend within the Christian body of Women’s Ministry Development within the Ghanaian Christian Diaspora abroad. As an author, most of her books are written to empower the soul, the spirit and the mind of the average African woman. Her latest book was compiled and written to fellow Ghanaian women entitled “ Reflections of A Queen” is now sold in select bookstores and also now available on This book was a national archive that a lot of women of colour had warm feelings for after they finished reading this particular book from Sharon.

“ Reflections of A Queen” by Sharon N. Alenda is a book that talks about the fundamentals of Christian romance, Christian dating and the end result of a wonderful marriage. Though all three of her University degrees have been in Education which include a Bachelor of Science in Special Education, a Masters of Higher Education & Leadership and a Post Graduate degree in Education & Administration (ED.S). Sharon’s professional work experience has only mostly been in the Maternal Health and Women’s Health sector. Her current projects as she travels to Ghana is to further establish her women-owned business infrastructure which is and will be centered around Fashion Merchandising; Beauty Therapy and the Mass Production of cosmetics and women’s clothing including but not limited to women’s apparel, fine beaded jewellery, fine accessories, shoes and handbags all for the economic and social empowerment of women of both Ghana and abroad. Sharon has been moved also of late to empower women recently by way of the pulpit. Through the victory over her own life’s issues and the guiding force to overcome within.