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The Mystery Behind Some Behavior Patterns That Destroy Relationships

By Catherine Forson Agbo
The Mystery Behind Some Behavior Patterns That Destroy Relationships
LISTEN MAR 9, 2019

The mystery of why love fades and relationship crumble is everyday news that circulates social media platforms. What keeps us from keeping up the energy, passion, attraction, profound respect, and the closeness we once felt for our partner? A considerable lot of us commit some erroneous behavior patterns unwittingly, while likewise overlooking the conceivably damaging behavior of our partner. Given this and the impact of these mistakes, it is crucial that we make an effort to understand the issues and tackle them before they begin to take root within a relationship. Accepting his proposal doesn’t end there, there is extra work to be done to keep the relationship standing.

We will look at some sure-fire behavioral patterns that destroy relationships.

Nagging Officer

Communication is of the utmost importance in a cozy relationship. Excessive nagging or criticism of a partner can drag any relationship down, regardless of to what extent two individuals have known or thought about each other. Whether we rebuff our partner by emotionally breaking down, giving them the quiet treatment, or shouting at them, we're disclosing to them that we would prefer not to hear what they need to say. We may incite additional emotional distance by saying things we realize will sting our partner the most. It is thusly critical to handle this dynamic before it grabs hold of the relationship and ends up ingrained, so try to address this by using positive enforcement when asking for things to be done. It is always important to show compassion and understanding and permit your partner time to respond.

The Lie Gamer

Some people feel they are talented when it comes to lying to others especially their partners. But assuming this role in a relationship will definitely not go anywhere, it would only leave you lonely and frustrated all your days. it is suggested that we all lie at one point in time or another, it is recommended that we as a whole lie at some point in time, either to make a deception or shroud the proof of a wrong-doing. In most instances, these are small, insignificant fabrications, but it is important to remember that lying is an impulsive conduct that can rapidly raise crazy and cause huge damage to a relationship especially when it manifests itself in infidelity or a series of small, related lies. This conduct creates mistrust and destroys the fabric of any beautiful relationship.

Costly assumptions

This is a surefire for a destructive relationship. When you automatically think your partner knows what’s going through your mind is assumptions. This is evident especially when we find them chatting long hours on the phone, sleeping out or you see your partner speaking with the opposite sex. This supersedes jealousy as you end up thinking for your partner. You should not always read into his actions, instead ask relevant questions and be satisfied with their response, if not, ask for further explanation than assume. Most of us are in the habit of assuming our partner understood exactly what we were trying to say amid that huge fight. But this is where you're making a major mistake. You have to set aside the effort to make your perspective clear in order to guarantee that you two are in agreement.