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Tourist Choice: Visited The ABURI BOTANICAL GARDENS Yet?

By Catherine Forson Agbo
Tourist Choice: Visited The ABURI BOTANICAL GARDENS Yet?
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You may be wondering, among all the attractions and chronicled destinations in Ghana, where exactly can you go to experience an intriguing history, town and people friendly… Well, think ABURI BOTANICAL GARDENS. The one of a kind delight of this greenery enclosure originates from its, mitigating Climate and the richly grand setting. Butterfly and bird lovers would love Aburi Gardens for the presence of many types of butterflies and feathered creatures. Another beautiful thing about Aburi Botanic Garden is the blend of indigenous and exotic trees of worldwide significance and therapeutic properties.

It’s just three-quarters of an hour drive from Accra, the capital of Ghana. The cool, rugged climate of Aburi makes it a cozy trip for individuals who love the cool side of life. Situated in this cool, serene condition is the Aburi Botanical Gardens. Aburi is situated on the Akwapim-Togo Range of Ghana.

In colonial times, it was utilized as a retreat for official guests and other people who wanted to get away from the buzzing of the big city. The town has a comfortable climate like that of the fall in the northeastern piece of the United States, the bank of France or Germany amid the late spring on a nice spot close to the coast. The Botanic Garden pulls in individuals from all over Ghana and beyond.

Aburi Garden additionally includes other intriguing things that should attract guests to the spot. First among the parcel is the serene atmosphere that the garden provides for cookout sweethearts and others, for example, the Bush House, the Rock Garden, the Pergola or Lovers' lane, the retired helicopter, the ficus tree, and the horticulture school.

On any of the national holidays, it is not surprising to find lots of people traveling from far and new just to tour the place. There is more to what meets the eye as there are incredible serene places to visit at the botanical garden. All you have to do to satisfy that curiosity to come see the place yourself. You have no stress for accommodation or food as there is a historical hotel that provides all your travel and accommodation needs.

Its serenity makes it an ideal place for everybody. It is also an excellent place for picnic activities. Aburi Botanic Gardens is an absolute necessity experience for every visitor to Ghana.

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Catherine Forson Agbo
Catherine Forson Agbo


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