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Introversion: Unique Tips For Dating A Shy Person

By Catherine Forson Agbo
Introversion: Unique Tips For Dating A Shy Person
LISTEN MAR 4, 2019

Understanding your partner who is an introvert or a shy person makes dating easier and open as introverts appreciate their loved ones. Most at times, when it comes to dating, one may seek to identify some interests and overall personality they share with their partner. Someone may ask if it’s right for an extrovert to date an introvert? Actually, it’s much more enjoyable when you understand and appreciate each other’s personality traits.

We will look at some tips for dating an introvert. Just know your boundaries and embrace them for who they are and you wouldn’t have problems.

Enjoy the ride of silence with them
Contrary to introversion, extroverts love to talk and are comfortable in crowded places. Extroverts, well are never tired of talking or being in a conversation. However, in the world of introversion, silence is paramount. Introverts sometimes just like to be silent to reflect on their ideas, opinions and themselves. So when you find them in this mood, just enjoy the peace.

Be a supportive shield in the relationship
Everyone needs support, be it, spiritual, emotional or physical support. Introverts may not always broadcast what bugs them, but they need you to be around for them. Support them with kind words, offer to partake in some activities they love doing. Support is a strong shield for any relationship and so does introverted relationships.

Give them time to open up to you
Words are not at the tips of their fingers as with extroverts. Introverts reflect on their words and outcomes before speaking up. They contemplate and think deeply before taking any drastic decision; hence they take time to open up to you. You don’t expect them to speak all the time, sometimes you just have to ask the right questions and don’t presume that they don't trust you. Private by nature, most introverts don’t like talking or sharing their personal lives with others. However, when they tell you they love you, they really do, and you only need to give them time to open up to you. Don’t pressurize them; they will come around when the time is due.

Always remember that you mean a lot to them
If you’re in the life of an introvert, count yourself lucky because not only are they faithful souls, you mean the dam world to them. They do their best to keep the relationship going in tough and good times. They give off all the energy to people who mean a lot to them. So when dating an introvert, be appreciative of their love for you and don’t hurt their feelings with your words and attitudes. These people are die-hard lovers and are willing to stretch themselves and step out of their comfort zone just to make you happy.

These are there few tips to consider when dating an introvert. Allow them to love you in ways you don’t understand and be kind enough to return that feeling.